When it comes to most popular battle royale games in the world, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are no doubt two of the leading ones which accelerate a whopping amount of players and counting. While PUBG Mobile has just surpassed Free Fire in terms of fanbase size, Garena battle royale game is still doing fine thanks to its unique features. In fact, in-game characters are one of the unique features which make Free Fire outstanding from other games of the same genre.

At the moment, Free Fire has a long list of 25 different characters with the fancy appearance and unique skills. This article will introduce Free Fire upcoming characters as well as brief information about all Free Fire characters. Keep scrolling down for the details!

free fire upcoming characters
After Lucas, will Free Fire release any new character?

Free Fire upcoming characters

The speculation about Free Fire upcoming characters started to do the round a few months ago when Garena made it official about the updated version of the game: Free Fire OB23. According to the video game publisher, apart from new features, weapons and new pets, the game is all set to release a new character so-called Lucas.

After waiting for a long time, Fire Fire fans can finally get the full information about Free Fire upcoming character Lucas who is officially named Luqueta. This is all you need to know about Free Fire latest character Luqueta and the special talents he gets:

Character Luqueta

According to the Garena, Free Fire upcoming character Luqueta is a male footballer and student who was inspired by the Brazillian football player Lucas Paqueta. As each Free Fire character has some special skills, Luqueta also has one called Hattrick. Indeed, the character will give you a maximum HP of 10 to 50 for each kill. Such the ideal character for aggressive players as the more kills he makes, the stronger he will be.

While Luqueta skills are similar to other Free Fire character Antonio, the former will offer you much more HP than the latter so players who prefer non-stop killing must stay longer if having him in the battle.

Full list of Free Fire characters

free fire upcoming characters

Apart from their basic information, check out Fire-Fire characters wallpaper and Fire-Fire characters video right below:

1. Wolfrahh: As a streamer who believe that headshot isn't the only way, Wolfrahh will give 3%-25% damage for headshot while 3%-15% on other parts of the enemies.

2. A124: The half-robot teenage girl is a healing expert who can convert 25 EP into HP and take 90 seconds to cool down.

3. Rafael: The kindest murderer has the dead silent ability which makes him invisible from the mini-map for 8 seconds.

4. Laura: Being raised to be a special agent, Laura is an outstanding 'Sharp Shooter' who can make your shots 10% more accurate.

5. Shimada HayatoThe black-and-white hair fighter will increase armour penetration when you're on low health.

Maxresdefault 14

6. Moco: As a genius hacker, Moco has the ability called Hacker's Eye with which she can tag your enemies for 0.5 to 2 seconds.

7. Wukong: Wukong is a special creature who has the special camouflage skill of turning himself into a bush. However, he will take up to 300 seconds to cooldown.

8. Antonio: The Mexican gangster will give you extra HP at the start and the amount of added HP increases by five when your level is up.

9. Caroline: The spoiled rich kid will move faster when she has a shotgun in her hand.

10. Miguel: You will get 5 EP per kill in level 2 with this elite soldier and 5 mỏe EP after each level unlocked.

11. Paloma: The beauty queen of the underworld army Paloma is here to take up more armor without adding up more space in the inventory.

Paloma Character In Free Fire 1bce

12. KLA: The martial artist talks with his fists. He has the Muay Thai skills to give out 100% damage.

13. Maxim: The streamer has the ability of speed eating (mushrooms). As you get level up, his skills also get speed up by 2% for each level unlocked.

14. Misha: The female driver will drive faster and take less damage when she in on a vehicle.

15. Nikita: As a Firearms Expert, Nikita will make your submachine gun reload 4%-20% higher base on your level.

16. Kelly: The highschool spinter will give your sprint 1%-5% faster

17. Andrew: Being an amour specialist, the cop doesn't only arrest people but also decrease your vest durability loss.

18. Olivia: The sexy nurse has a speacial healing ability as whoever she touches will get 6-18 HP+.

Image 10 Free Fire Olivia Character In Real Life F

19. Ford: The Navy veteran will help you get less damage if you're outside the safe zone.

20. Alok: The brazilian musician will increase sprint and movement speed while restoring 5 HP in a few second.

21. Alvado: The army talent loves explosive weapons as he will give it wider range and more damage.

22. JosephThe character moves faster after taking damage.

23. Notora: Being a biker gang, Notora can increase HP to all member who is in the same vehicle with her.

Notora Free Fire

24. Shani: The engineer can restore up to 10 amour durability after each kills.

25. Steffie: With her Graffiti Blessing, the artist can reduce the damage of explosive and bullet by 5-15%.

26. Cluthe female detective can discover enemies in the minimap

27. Kapella: the character has an incredible healing ability with which she can health HP by up to 10%

28. Luqueta: Being one of Free Fire upcoming characters, the Brazilian football player will give you maximum HP after each kill.

By making Free Fire upcoming character Luqueta oficial in the latest version OB23, Garena prolongs the list of Free Fire all character by 25. Catch a glimpse at the list as well as most beautiful Free Fire characters wallpaper:
Free Fire upcoming new character Luqueta has been made available in Free Fire OB23 in July 29.

Apart from him, Garena is yet to reveal any plan about other Free Fire upcoming characters at the moment. Stay tuned with Gurugamer.com for more updates about game news, tricks and tips.