Garena Free Fire’s BOOYAH Day patch is now live, adding tons of new features to the game. Among all the changes, Free Fire also introduces a new character called "K", or Captain Booyah. He will come in with style, followed by a brand new song and music video.

dj kshmr free fire
DJ KSHMR is coming to Free Fire

The new patch also brings a plethora of changes to the Free Fire Battlegrounds. Players can now enjoy the game in Hindi, compete in the Squad Ranked Season 3, shoot the new PARAFAL AR, among other adjustments. Keep on reading for more information!

Garena Free Fire X KSHMR

Free Fire has announced a collaboration with American-Indian music producer KSHMR as "Captain Booyah". His release will come right on BOOYAH Day when a series of competitions kicks off. Players have to collect as many BOOYAHs as they possibly can to exchange for special rewards. A global leaderboard keeps track of the players with the most number of BOOYAHs. 100 top players are receiving a gift from Captain Booyah himself.

kshmr items
KSHMR will come with his own items

KSHMR stood 23rd on DJ Mag's 2015 Top 100 DJs and was awarded "The Highest New Entry" for his various hits in the year. In 2016, he was ranked 12th in the world's top 100 DJs voted by DJ Mag's and remained there in 2017. In July 2017, KSHMR launched his own record label, Dharma Worldwide. He himself composes a song releasing on BOOYAH Day. You can also expect some cosmetic items to be released along with KSHMR.

BOOYAH Day Patch Weapons Update

The new BOOYAH Day patch introduces a brand new Assault Rifle called PARAFAL. This gun has insane firepower and extreme range but lacks a bit of speed. It deals 48 damage per hit, holds 30 bullets in one magazine. You can attach muzzles, stocks, magazines, grips and a scope on the PARAFAL.

parafal ar
Check out the new AR Parafal

Garena Free Fire has adjusted the Kar98K Biometric Scope, Plasma, P90, M14 Rage Core, and the M14. The Kar98K with Biometric Scope is a super OP weapon since it instantly connects shots right after scoping in. Hence, the 35% aim assist radius reduction is necessary.

patch overview
All the new features in Free Fire BOOYah Day update

The M14 Rage Core is also another OP gun, but in the AR class. It can drop enemies with just a few hits. That's why Garena nerfs its fire rate down by 11%. On the other hand, the poor P90 is finally buffed in terms of its rate of fire and accuracy. The rate of fire now increases by 3%, the maximum spread is down by 10%. The Golden Famas is this season's exclusive rewards. Survivors who reach Gold III or above can unlock this golden AR.