Garena Free Fire has grown dramatically since its first release three years ago. Compared to other titles, the game's road to success is substantially shorter, boasting a thriving community with over 100 million daily active users. Behind that community is a driving force of content creators, constantly dishing redefining videos.

raistar free fire
Find Raistar in Free Fire

Raistar is one of the most prominent names in the Garena Free Fire community. He boasts a YouTube channel with more than 1.79 million subscribers. Let's take a look at Raistar's ID number, stats, settings, custom HUD and more.

Raistar’s Free Fire ID number

You can check Raistar's stats in Garena Free Fire via this ID: 12022250.

Raistar's Stats

Lifetime Stats

Up to now, Raistar has played a total of 14294 squad games and won 2554 of them, which translates to a 17.86% win rate. The YouTuber has garnered 48669 kills under his belt to score a fantastic K/D ratio of 4.15.

raistar free fire lifetime
Raistar's Lifetime stats

In terms of duo matches, he has played 4446 games and owned 705 wins for a win rate of 15.85%. Raistar still keeps his impressive K/D ratio of 3.82 with nearly 14300 kills. Coming to the solo mode, the YouTuber racks up 401 Booyahs from 3477 games, taking down 10660 foes with an incredible K/D ratio of 3.47.

Ranked Stats

When it comes to ranked games, Raistar has not played that much. Out of 265 ranked squad games, he claimed the first place in 30 matches, killing 629 enemies. His K/D ratio currently stands at 2.68.

raistar free fire ranked stats
Raistar's Ranked stats

The YouTuber also played 12 ranked duo games and hasn’t been able to get a win yet. His match history in the solo rank is not that impressive either, only one sole win out of 22 matches. Raistar has also played 22 solo games and has a lone victory.

Sensitivity Settings

When it comes to sensitivity settings, the YouTuber uses quite a standard one, with a little tweak. Here are Raistar's sensitivity settings:

  • General - 95
  • Red Dot - 90
  • 2x Scope - 100
  • 4x Scope - 100
  • AWM Scope - 100

Custom HUD

Raistar sets his custom HUD at 84% transparency and 23% size.

Raistar's Custome HUD settings
Raistar's Custome HUD settings