Garena Free Fire boasts a few unique features that keep the game stand out from others on the market. Some of those features, like characters and pets, have become integral to the gameplay. So far, we have over 30 playable characters.

kla vs alok free fire
Kla vs. DJ Alok - Who will come out on top?

Each character, minus Adam and Eve, has a unique ability that completely changes you play the Garena Free Fire. Don't believe us? Let's compare the special abilities of DJ Alok and Kla to see how much of a difference they make!

DJ Alok’s Drop the Beat

The Brazilian DJ Alok still manages to earn himself a spot in the list of power picks in Garena Free Fire thanks to his ability, Drop the Beat. It creates an aura of 5m, replenishing 5 HP for 5 seconds, and increasing ally movement speed by 10% at level 1. At the max level, the HP regeneration duration increases to 10 seconds, and the movement speed buff gets to 15%.

Alok Art
DJ Alok drops the beats!

Kla’s Muay Thai

Being a Muay Thai martial artist, Kla uses his fighting skill to enhance the power of his fist. At the base level, he deals 100% more damage when punching the enemies. At the max level, you will be doing 400% more damage to your foes!

Free Fire Characters En 21
Kla increases his fist damage exponentially

Comparison: DJ Alok vs. Kla

Overall, both characters are real powerhouses that wield extraordinary abilities in Garena Free Fire. But if we have to choose one that's superior, it will be DJ Alok. Though Drop the Beat is an active skill, and Muay Thai is passive (which means you don't have to activate it), the skill is still more relevant.

While you can only excel in fistfights with Kla, DJ Alok performs well in most situations. However, cost-wise, Kla 100% wins out since he can be acquired by gold coins.