Garena Free Fire frequently introduces in-game events that offer players an opportunity to claim stylish aesthetic items. Just a few days ago, the developers launched a new event called "The Last Laugh". To be more exact, this event kicked off on 8th January and will conclude on 14th.

This is the chance for players to win various exclusive rewards by spinning the draw with Diamonds. Read on to this article to learn how to claim the Rosy Smile Bundle and Rosy Grin Bundle before the event ends.

How to Claim Rosy Smile and Grin Bundles in Free Fire?

For a chance to win the Rosy Smile Bundle and Rosy Grin Bundle, you must access "The Last Laugh" event from the 'Event' segment in Garena Free Fire. There are 3 Grand Prizes you can claim from the event: Vector-Taunting Smile Skin, Rosy Smile Bundle, and Rosy Grin Bundle.

Rosy Smile Bundle And Rosy Grin Bundle
Rosy Smile Bundle And Rosy Grin Bundle

Apart from the legendary skins, there are other vouchers and weapon skins awaiting for you in the draw. You can see the 3 Grand Prizes on the left side of the rows. Players can spin the draw to obtain these prizes.

Spin and Win the Grand Prizes

  • Each spin will set players back by 25 Diamonds, while 11 spins and 100 Diamonds for the first 11 spins bundle.
Image via Free Fire
  • After you acquire the Grand Prize of any row, that entire row will be removed. You can not access to win other rewards in that row anymore. The event will conclude on 14th January. So, if you really want the Grand Prizes, make sure you won't miss it!
Rosy Smile Bundle And Rosy Grin Bundle Claim
Claim your bundle from the event