Garena Free Fire has officially launched the first collaboration of 2021 with the hit Japanese Superhero franchise One Punch Man. The surprise crossover will bring multiple events along with numerous cosmetics. Don't miss your chance to claim the Saitama and Genos character costumes, backpack, Gloo Wall skins, emotes, gun skins, and more.

One Punch Man 2
Free Fire x One Punch Man

While some of these items are available for free, others will definitely cost Diamonds to grab. Players can now acquire the new M4A1 – Genos skin in the game. Here's how you can claim it from the Weapon Royale.

M4A1 – Genos in Garena Free Fire

The new M4A1 Genos skin is a part of the Free Fire x One Punch Man collab. It's only available in the Weapon Royale for 18 days. Players have to spend Diamonds to spin for this skin. However, you must note that the chances of acquiring the M4A1 Genos skin are not guaranteed. You can not win it for sure after a certain number of spins. Each spin costs 40 Diamonds, while 11 spins only set you back 400 Diamonds.

M4a1 Genos Free Fire
The M4A1 Genos in Free Fire

The chances of acquiring the Grand prize - M4A1 Genos Skin increases the more spins you make. However, it's NOT 100% guaranteed. Follow the steps below to try your luck in the Weapon Royale:

open luck royale
Open the Luck Royale and go to the Diamond Royale
  • Step 2: You should see the M4A1 – Genos skin here.
Press the desired number of spins
Spin to win the skin
  • Step 3: Pay the Diamonds to spin the wheel

Players can win all sorts of weapon skins from the Luck Royale. Here's a list of all the possible rewards:

  • M4A1 – Genos
  • SKS – Urban Rager
  • SAS12 – Urban Rager
  • AK47 – Urban Rager
  • Famas – Imperial Rome
  • Kar98K – Imperial Rome
  • MP5 – Imperial Rome
  • AK47 – Imperial Rome
  • SKS – Bumblebee: Sting
  • SPAS12 – Bumblebee: Swarm
  • MP5 – Bumblebee: Rattle
  • AK47 – Bumblebee
  • Groza – Pharaoh’s Wings
  • SPAS12 – Pharaoh’s Eyes
  • M1014 – Pharaoh’s Rage
  • Kar98K – Pharaoh’s Eye
  • Miscellaneous items