Garena Free Fire was crowned the "Mobile Game of the Year" in eSports Awards 2020. The popular Battle Royale title has amassed over 500 million downloads just on the Google Play Store alone. The game offers excellent graphics, tense gameplay, and insane compatibility with lower-end devices.

Free Fire Party Banner
Level up to access new content of Free Fire

As players level in Free Fire, they have access to more content and perks, making the gaming experience even better. One of the most visible perks of leveling up is the collection of characters, it gets bigger as you advance further. So, let's check out the ways to increase your level in Garena Free Fire.

#1 Using EXP Cards

Players who want to level up quickly in Free Fire may want to check out the EXP cards. They double the experience points you receive each match, which means cutting the duration it takes to level up in half. You can find these items in the Power-Ups section of the store.

Level Up Fast Free Fire Xp Cards
Level Up Fast Free Fire with XP Cards

#2 Topping Up Diamonds

Garena surely knows how to attract players to use their micro-transaction system. Whenever you top-up your Diamond stash in Free Fire, you'll gain some free EXP points. These extra EXP points can help you to achieve the goal faster. Completing certain in-game events also gives you some more EXP.

How To Top Up In Free Fire With Paytm
Topping up Diamonds also help you level up faster

#3 Playing Ranked Matches

We've come to a classic method. Ranked matches offer the most amount of experience points. In Free Fire, you get more EXP for surviving than getting kills. So, always try your best to stay alive every game to level up quickly. Remember to play more ranked matches if you want to level up badly!

Level Up Fast Free Fire Ranked
Ranked matches give you more XP

#4 Completing Daily Missions

daily missions
Remember to complete the daily missions

Daily missions are a great source for extra EXP points. They are available near the map section of the game. Complete them daily to get a sufficient boost of EXP points.