Garena Free Fire is now a mega-popular Battle Royale title on the mobile platform. Since its initial release back in 2017, the game has managed to achieve what others could not, offering players a wide range of maps, modes, and features.

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On Monday, Garena released the new OB25 update for December 2020, introducing all sorts of changes to the battlegrounds. And with it comes the Clash Squad Season 4 of Free Fire. If you don't know, Clash Squad is a ranked game mode of the game. It's on a separate queue from the classic BR mode. Hence, the rewards for reaching the top of the pack are also different. Here are 5 tips to up your Clash Squad game in Season 4!

#1 - Find Your Teammates

There is nothing worst than a squad with no coordination. You may be a very talented individual, but it won't mean anything if you can not work well with other players in duo and squad rank. Therefore, we strongly advise pushing ranks with friends, not with a random queue. Playing with someone you know increases synergy, which enhancé the overall chances of climbing up ranks.

Play with your friends
Play with your friends

#2 - Bring a Shotgun

In the Clash Squad mode, players engage in close-range combat very often. That's why it would make sense to equip yourself with a shotgun! It's the most lethal weapon in close range that will take down the enemies in one fell swoop.

Remember to bring a shotgun
Remember to bring a shotgun

#3 - Watch Each Other's Back


Another good tip to rank up faster in this game mode of Free Fire is sticking to the squad. Always move with your team and cover each other. If one leaves the pack, they will become an easy pick-up for enemies. And losing a member of the squad too early is never a good sight.

stay with teammates
Stay with teammates

#4 - Be Consistent

Players must keep track of their performances for the best results in Clash Squad. Each round and activity counts while pushing ranks. Also, do not change your settings and in-game HUD while playing.

be consistent
Be consistent with your performance

#5 - Play It Safe

While playing ranked matches, it is always advisable for players to prioritize surviving over getting frags. After all, whoever lives the longest wins the game! Do not engage in unnecessary fights. Play it safe and survive until the last round will give you more points.

Remember to play safe
Remember to play safe