Being one of the biggest updates of the game in 2020, Free Fire OB25 Operation Chrono is finally made available on the global server yesterday December 7th. Although both Android and iPhone users can download the latest updated version from official app stores like Google Play Store and Apple Store, here are the Free Fire OB25 APK download files for those who encounter difficulties while updating the game.

Free Fire OB256 apk download
Free Fire OB25 APK download is the best way to get the updated version in case you're having trouble updating it on the official app store

Free Fire OB25 updates

Apart from introducing a new character Chrono who is the in-game adaption of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, there will be a lot of changes and updates in the latest patch OB25 including a new cyberpunk theme, new weapons, and many other features. Along with it is the Operation Chrono event with so many offbeat and limited rewards.

In order to take part in the event as well as major updates in the game, players will need to get the latest version of the game - Free Fire OB25 on the app store and tap 'Update'. The process will be taken automatically and only take a few minutes. However, if you're facing any trouble while updating the file from the official app store, Free Fire OB25 APK download is the best alternative.

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To update the Free Fire OB25 version manually, you will need to download the APK and OBB files then installing them on your phone. Visit the following links to get them:

After installing the APK file, you will need to extract the OBB folder and use it to replace the old one in the Android/OBB folder. After completing all the steps, relaunch the app and play as usual.

By downloading and installing these files, you can experience the futuristic universe of Free Fire OB25 and take part in the latest events in-game. Stay tuned with for more updates about Free Fire Operation Chrono and brace yourself for the release of character Chrono this December 13th.

Operation Chrono Teaser
Free Fire OB25 APK download is being made downloadable on the internet today

Free Fire OB25 new features

Being one of the biggest updates of Free Fire in 2020, Free Fire OB25 creates a whirl among the Free Fire gaming community. If you're curious about what features you're about to have after getting Free Fire OB25 APK download, here are the highlights of the latest patch you'll need to know

New character Chrono

After much speculations about Free Fire upcoming character, the game finally made it official on the launch of the new character Chrono who is an in-game version of Portuguese football star  Christiano Ronaldo. This character is said to have the Time Tunel skill which not only decreases the damage but also increases his movement speed. Apart from the character himself, Free Fire also release a whole new universe which is designed in cyberpunk theme. However, Free Fire Chrono will only be available starting from December 13 after the Free Fire Operation Chrono Event kicks start.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo 2

New weapons Vector Akimbo

being the first dual-wielding gun in Free Fire, vector Akimbo will give you a greater spread and total devastation in close-range combats. Find out more about the stats of the gun and how to get it in Free Fire OB25 in the following article:

New rank interface

With Free Fire OB25 APK download, you will be stunned by the brand new ranked interface of battle royale and clash squad modes. You will find it's easier to see your stats visually and show off your rank.

Upgraded training ground

With the new Bermuda shells features, players can practice their shooting skills by targeting the moving arcade, chat with their peers, or dominate the combat zone. In addition to that, you will also find a new Gloo Wall training mode, and mastering this item can definitely give you more Booyahs when it comes to real combats.

Apart from the mentioned features, there are a lot of secret events that are yet to be revealed in Free Fire OB25. Get Free Fire OB235 APK download right now and explore it yourself. In addition to that, don't forget to claim the login rewards as every player who successfully updates the OB25 patch will be rewarded with a Cyber Swing, diamond royale voucher, and weapon voucher.

Above is all you need to know about Free Fire OB25 APK download. Visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertaiment!

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