Garena Free Fire is perhaps the most popular Battle Royale game on the mobile platform as of now. The title keeps players coming back for more with constant content updates, changes, and all sorts of features. The OB25 update is now available for download, and with it comes a plethora of events. Here we have gathered some leaks about the upcoming events Garena has in store for us this December. Let's check them out!

1. Gold Royale

According to speculations, the new Gold Royale will follow a Python theme, with toxic green being the main color. The bundle is called "Toxic Lime Python"Players can get this bundle by spending Gold Coins in the Luck Royale. The Toxic Lime Python bundle include:

Toxic Lime Python
Toxic Lime Python bundle
  • Python Lime (Head)
  • Python Lime (Bottom)
  • Toxic Lime Python (Top)
  • Toxic Lime Python (Shoes)
  • Python Lime (Mask)

2. Diamond Royale

The next Diamond Royale in Free Fire will be based on an old concept - elementals. It will include a bundle for female characters and come after in the OB25 update. Players can get this bundle by spending Diamonds or collecting vouchers.

Mad General Diamond Royale
New Diamond Royale

3. Weapon Royale

Regarding the next Weapon Royale, it will be of the same theme as Chrono or CR7's character. The Grand Prize will be an AUG skin. It boosts the rate of fire by 20%, accuracy by 10% while decreasing 10% of the maximum range. Rumors say it will be a direct competitor of the Blue Flame Draco AK skin. This skin may feature a unique glitch animation on the whole body and a purple/pink background.

Cyber Bounty Hunter Aug
Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG

4. Faded Wheel

The Faded Wheel event in December may feature the new M1887 and AUG legendary skins. To fit the Winter's holiday spirit, these skins will follow the theme of winter lands. Winter lands M1887 will decrease 20% of the maximum range and increase 10% in-hand movement as well as a 10% decrease in reload speed. Regrading the AUG skin, it will increase the guns' fire rate by 10%, reload speed by 20%, but decrease movement speed by 10%.

Winterland M1887
Winterland M1887 in the next Faded Wheel

5. Web Event

If rumors are correct, players can acquire the pirate flag emote as well as the tiger bundle from this event. This legendary bundle will have unique animation and the same applies to the pirate flag emote. This event may go live between 14-19th December.

Tiger Bundle Free Fire
Check out the Tiger Bundle


6. Upcoming Character Event: Chrono

Last but not least is the arrival of the next real-life character - Chrono. He is designed based on the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and the whole update revolves around him. His special ability - Time Turner, creates a force field that blocks 500 damage from enemies. All allies inside the shield gain a 40% movement speed buff.

Free Fire Ronaldo
CR7 is coming to Free Fire