One of the unique traits that Garena Free Fire offers is its character system. The game currently has 34 characters available, each comes with a special ability - except for the two default ones Adam and Eve. When in the right hands, they can really turn the tide of the match. Today, let's talk about two popular powerhouses in Free Fire: DJ Alok and A124. We will compare their abilities to see who would come out on top!

A124 Free Fire
Will A124 beat our heavy favorite DJ Alok?

The Special Abilities of DJ Alok and A124 in Garena Free Fire

DJ Alok

DJ Alok brings to Free Fire a special ability called Drop The Beat. It creates a 5m aura that increases ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP per second for 5 seconds. This active ability can be leveled up to a maximum of 6 with character level up cards. At the max level, the movement speed buff increases to 15% and to restore the regeneration duration expands to 10 seconds.

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire


A124 is a robot built with the state of the art technologies. She has an active ability called Thrill of Battle. At level 1, it allows her to quickly convert 25 EP (Energy Points) into HP (Health Points), with a cooldown of 90 seconds. At level 6, A124 can convert 50 EP into HP with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

A124 in Free Fire
A124 in Free Fire

DJ Alok Vs. A124 - Who is Better in Free Fire?

A124 has the insane ability to instantly convert EP into HP. It's such a powerful skill to have during an intense gunfight. Yet, DJ Alok's constant healing and movement speed buff should also not be overlooked. He's very versatile and can combine with other characters to create a deadly combo.

Dj Alok
DJ Alok still has this one in the bag

DJ Alok is currently available in the store for 599 Diamonds, while A124 is only 499 Diamonds. You're paying 100 Diamonds for Alok, and he makes sure that they pay off. All in all, both characters are great to play in Free Fire. However, DJ Alok's versatility on the battlefield may get him an edge over A124.