Garena Free Fire boasts a huge player base of millions around the world. The game offers a unique Battle Royale experience with HD quality graphics for all to enjoy. From colorful outfits, weapon skins, emotes, to Battle Passes and in-game events, you name it. But, you do need to spend Diamonds - Free Fire's premier currency to purchase them! Many turn to Free Fire Diamond generators with the hope to find this resource in abundance. But, do you really know the truth behind these so-called "generators"?



Free Fire developers have strict policies to prevent players from visiting these Free Fire Diamond Generator websites or applications. They are made only to trick users and acquire ownership of their accounts. Then the stolen accounts are mostly sold on the Internet. You will lose all the time, effort, and money poured into the account. Hence, steer clear from any of these potential fraud apps and websites.

free fire diamond generator fake
These Diamond generators will never work!

Permanent ban

After the OB24 update, the Anti-cheat system of Garena Free Fire has been upgraded. It's now more efficient in hunting down hackers or users with any kind of illegal activity. If detected, players are subject to a permanent ban from the Free Fire servers. There is no going back in most of the cases. So, be aware of using any of Free Fire Diamond Generators.

free fire diamond generator ban
You will be banned permanently if found guilty

Losing Personal Information

When one uses these Free Fire Diamond Generators, they must fill in their account details. These details can include your Facebook account, Google account, or Twitter account. Once they have their hands on your personal information, a lot more troubles start. From there, it's nearly impossible to recover your accounts.

free fire diamond generator account
Protect your account and personal information

Top Up Diamonds via Legit Methods

To negate the risks, we strongly advise players to use legitimate sources to purchase currency in Garena Free Fire. The simplest solution is heading straight to the shop section. You can top up Diamonds directly from your Google account.

free fire diamond generator in-game shop
You can top-up Diamonds from the in-game shop