Garena Free Fire has emerged as one of the most popular titles in the Indian Battle Royale community in recent years. It offers a unique character system that can be acquired by completing certain events or buying from the shop.

Free Fire Car
Your choice of characters would affect the whole game!

There are currently 33 characters in Free Fire, including the default Adam and Eve without any unique ability. Being a free game, Free Fire also offers some "free options" which you can get by spending gold coins. Here are the three best characters available at 8000 coins.

Top Three Characters Available at 8000 Coins in Free Fire

1. Hayato

The legendary samurai Hayato owns a passive ability called Bushido. After equipping this character, the player will receive a 7.5% armor penetration boost with every 10% lost maximum HP. Once leveled up to 6, with every 10% decrease in maximum HP, armor penetration increases by 10%.

hayato free fire
Hayato in Free Fire

However, with his Awakened form, Hayato's ability gets upgraded to fit a more aggressive style. It becomes versatile to use both passively and aggressively in Free Fire. You can obtain Hayato from the store for either 8000 coins or 499 Diamonds.

2. Miguel

Miguel is a commander of the special forces. He has a passive ability called Crazy Slayer, which grants him 30 EP for every kill. At his maximum potential, Miguel can earn up to 80 EP a frag.

Miguel in Free Fire

This character is a decent option for pushing in the rank squad mode since his ability provides an additional source of healing during fights. You can acquire Miguel from the store with 8000 coins.

3. Maxim

Last but not least, we have Maxim with his passive ability - Gluttony. The competitive eater's skill allows him to eat and use his medkits faster by 2%. At maximum level 6, the figure rises to 12%. You will realize how efficient it is to be able to use Medkits. You will heal faster than the enemies, thus, have more time to plan the next steps. Maxim can also be bought for 8000 coins or 499 Diamonds.

maxim free fire
Maxim in Free Fire