Garena Free Fire’s gameplay revolves largely around gunfights. In squad games, the number advantage is a key element to achieve victory. Players all strive to deal the most damage to the enemies and take out any on their sight. What’s the better way to do so than landing a clean headshot. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you fire from the distance. However, there are three weapons in Free Fire that with a little practice, getting headshots is super easy. 

Free Fire Headshot E829
Always go for the head

#1 M14

First on the list is the trusty M14. This sniper rifle is designed for long-range combat with an accuracy of 57. Pair it with a suitable scope and other attachments, you will have yourself a powerhouse of a gun. It’s capable of picking enemies from miles away with insane damage and landing a clean headshot is entirely possible. The M14 will secure your advantages in team fights, just remember to finish the down opponents first. 

M14 Info
The M14 is a trusty sniper


The Groza the only Assault Rifle in our list today, and it’s here for a reason. This gun is arguably one of the strongest ARs in Free Fire. Owning an accuracy of 54 and consistent damage of 61, this gun guarantees to bring your enemies to the ground so quickly they don’t even know what hits them. The Groza is an ideal weapon for medium to long-range combat with insane utility and flexibility. 

Free Fire Groza
The Groza is one of the best ARs in Free Fire

#3 AWM

It would be a shame to finish the list without mentioning the best sniper rifle in the game - the legendary AWM. It has everything you wish for in a sniper: high damage output, insane accuracy of 90, and it definitely looks gorgeous. This gun can drop down enemies wearing the armor of any level, just one-shot them in an instance. Sniper players consider it the “holy grail” that they would go great length to acquire. 

Awm Info
Nothing beats the legendary AWM