The Battle Royale gameplay revolves largely around the quantity and quantity of the loot you find on the map. The better items you get, the easier the fight is. The same rule applies to Garena Free Fire. Though the game features a random chance of spawning items across all maps, there are still favorable locations where you’re likely to find great loot in abundance. Dropping in these spots yields a higher chance of success for your squads. Read on to learn more about the three best loot locations in Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. 

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Having great loot will make it easier to win the game

Best Loot Locations in Garena Free Fire

#1 Kalahari Map - Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge is a decent looting spot located at the right bottom of the Kalahari map. This place is jam-packed with houses that hold enough equipment for your whole team. Landing in this area boosts the chance of getting a powerful weapon as well as the needed consumables for triumph. 

Remember to find vehicles first

On top of that, not many squads choose Stone Ridge as their stepping point, yet, prepare for the worst scenario. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains but keep an eye out for potential threats.

#2 Purgatory Map - Brasilia

Brasilia earns its place on our list for having the best quality loot in the whole Purgatory Map. Various houses and construction build the base for the location - both for finding equipment and fighting. Many choose to drop here, so you have better prepare for early combats. 

Brasilia is located right at the center of Purgatory

Campers also love this location thanks to the abundance of hiding places to set up an ambush. Still, Brasilia is a prioritized spot that’s a prominent example of high risk - high rewards. 

#3 Bermuda Map - Mars Electric

Mars Electric is a popular landing spot in the Bermuda map, which offers one of the best quality of loot. The location is open and spacious, perfect for quick looting. 

mars electric
Mars Electric houses some of the best loots in Bermuda

Drop here fast before your opponents, and you should be off to a great start with an advantageous fight. 

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