It’s safe to say that Garena Free Fire’s appeal comes from the features it adds to the classic Battle Royale gameplay. The character collection definitely contributes to the title’s popularity. Free Fire currently has over 30 playable characters, each possess unique abilities that could turn the whole fight around. Today, we’re looking at the top 5 best characters in the most recent update of the game - the OB23. These are the top 5 choices based on their skills. 

free fire character
Free Fire has over 30 powerful characters

#1 DJ Alok

It’s no surprise that DJ Alok takes the center stage as the number one character on the list. His powerful ability creates an aura that increases movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP per 10 seconds for all ally at the max level. He’s perfect for any team fight as a supporting character. Alok is available in the store for 599 Diamonds. 

alok free fire
Alok always has a spot on the list

#2 Paloma 

Coming in at the second spot is Paloma. She can be purchased from the store for 499 Diamonds or 8,000 coins. Paloma ability allows players to carry 180 AR ammunition without taking up the inventory space at the max level. We all know that Assault Rifles are powerful and versatile weapons in Free Fire. Hence, owning Paloma could turn the tide of the game. 

paloma free fire
Paloma is the ultimate choice for AR users

#3 Luqueta

This may shock many players as Luqueta is the third character on the list - though he’s also the latest to join the Free Fire realm. The soccer star rocks the OB23 update with his unique ability to increase maximum HP. At level 8, every kill brings him an additional 18 to 35 HP. However, you can only obtain Luqueta via the Character Royale as of now.

luqueta free fire
Let's score the "Hat-trick" to victory

#4 Kelly

Standing at number four is Kelly the Swift. True to her name, Kelly’s ability increases the sprint speed by 5% at the max level. Though it may not sound very impressive, this skill is super useful for those who can exploit its potential. Players can move or rotate between locations much more efficiently with the character. Kelly costs 199 Diamonds or 2000 coins.

kelly free fire
Kelly is perfect for you if you love speed

#5 Jota

Last but not least, Jota is the best choice for those who prefer to use Sub-machinegun and shotgun. Her unique ability enables her to “life-steal” which means to regain health after taking down an enemy. At the max level, Jota restores 40 HP per kill. The character can be acquired for 499 Diamonds.

jota free fire
Don't forget about Jota