The character system has become an integral part of the Garena Free Fire experience. They are the most challenging to master since each possesses an impressive ability that could turn the entire tide of the game. Players can buy characters from the in-game store with either Gold Coins or Diamonds. But for those who just started out, the second option may be a luxury. Therefore, if you're looking for powerful characters to start your game with, check out these 5 mentions that you can buy with Gold Coins.

#1 - Nikita

Nikita was among the first characters in Garena Free Fire. She's available for purchase from the in-game store for 2000 Gold Coins only. Her passive ability - Firearms Expert, allows her to reload submachine guns 4% faster. If you're a fan of SMGs, then Nikita can provide you with significant assistance during battles.

Nikita in Free Fire
Nikita in Free Fire

#2 - Olivia

According to her lore in Garena Free Fire, Olivia is the chief nurse of a renowned clinic. Her passive ability - Healing Touch, grants her teammates an additional 6HP whenever she revives them. That can be of massive advantages in team fights. Olivia is available in the store for 2000 Gold Coins.

Olivia in Free Fire
Olivia in Free Fire

#3 - Caroline

Free Fire Characters Caroline
Caroline in Free Fire

#4 - Hayato

The list would not be complete without our trusty legendary samurai. Hayato is one of the most popular characters in the Free Fire. His passive ability, Bushido, increases armor penetration by 7.5% when the HP of a player is decreased by 10% at the first level. Hayato is available at 8000 Gold Coins.

Hayato Character in Free Fire
Hayato Character in Free Fire

#5 - Moco

Last but not least, the hacker Moco makes her impact with the passive ability - Hacker's Eye. At her initial level, she can tag enemies who she shot for two seconds. The information will instantly be shared with her teammates. Moco costs 8000 gold coins in the in-game store.
Top5 Female Characters Moco
Moco in Free Fire