Garena Free Fire is currently one of the biggest games in the Battle Royale genre on the mobile platform. It has expensive quite a massive influx of players, breaking multiple records along the way. Recently, Free Fire even won the Mobile Game of the Year title at the Esports Awards 2020.

Free Fire Br Mode
Free Fire BR Mode

The game developers make sure players have their share of enjoyment with new features, including regular updates, new game modes, aesthetics, and more. However, there is one key feature that the entire game is built around. It's the BR or the Battle Royale game mode.  Let's take a look at all of its features!

Battle Royale Mode in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire currently offers three maps in the classic Battle Royale mode. They are Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. However, when it comes to Rank Mode, players can only choose between Bermuda and Purgatory, as the third was removed not long ago.

garena free fire
Free Fire currently offers 3 maps in the BR mode

A regular Battle Royale match will be dropping a maximum of 50 players by parachuting onto an island. Here they will fight to be the last standing player who gets the Booyah. All the players must start by looting the drop zone, which spawns random items around the map.

Free Fire Br Mode
There are many more game modes for you to enjoy

The Battle Royale mode also features shrinking zones, which gets smaller as the match progresses. Players outside of the playing zone will take constant damage, increasing according to the corresponding zones. Gamers can play the BR mode as a solo, duo, in a or squad.

How to Play BR in Garena Free Fire

  • Step 1: Open the game and press on the mode selection option on the top right corner of the screen, as shown in the picture below:
Click on the Mode change icon
Click on the Mode change icon
  • Step 2: Choose your game mode on the list.
Pick the game mode you want to play
Pick the game mode you want to play
  • Step 3: Players can either choose the ‘Ranked Game’ or ‘Classic’ option.

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  • Step 4: They can click the ‘Start’ button to start the match.