Gamers around the world seem to be loving the idea of the Battle Royale genre. You can see people playing PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire at every corner, trying their hardest to be the last survivor. But being triumph is no easy task, especially when you’re competing against 50 to 100 other players. You will need all the advantages that you can get, and luckily, having a great loot may hold the key to victory. Here are the spots where you will find mountains of the best loot there is on the Free Fire Bermuda Map. 

Battle Royale Free Fire Bermuda 1024x813
Bermuda is the classic map of Free Fire

Best Loot Locations On Free Fire Bermuda Map 

#1 Peak

Any Battle Royale enthusiast knows that the spot located in the center of a map is always the hot drop zone. The Peak is no exception to the Bermuda Map of Free Fire. There’s an abundance of weapons, armors, and consumables ready for you to pick up. Just loot one of the scattered houses in the area and you’ll have pretty much all you need for a good fight. But remember to always keep an eye out for other players. 

free fire peak
The Peak is a great loot spot on Bermuda

#2 Mill

The Mill is renowned among Free Fire players for its loot quality that rivals any place on the Bermuda Map. The items are concentrated in a handful of buildings on the spot - which makes a great cause for early combats. Teams who have good skills often choose Mill as their landing zone. So, try to be as quiet and stealthy as possible until you get your hands on some weapon to fight them back. 

Mill Free Fire 1
The Mill is not a bad choice either

#3 Mars Electric

Free Fire players tend to shy away from the Mars Electric due to its location on the southernmost corner of the Bermuda Map. However, this spot, in fact, houses a lot of weapons, armors, and all the things you need to make it to the last round. On top of that, the distance problem could be easily solved with vehicles - which spawns abundantly around the area. 

Mars Electric Free Fire
Mars Electric has all the loot you may need

Please note that these loot locations are only recommendations. You should plan where to land base on the fight path of the plane. Sometimes, dropping into a zone with little loot is better than getting no loot at all. Two honorable mentions, Bimasaki Strip and Pochinok, are definitely worth a check.