Garena Free Fire has officially stood among the most beloved mobile game titles of all-time, with over 500 million downloads as of 2020. Its attractiveness comes from various factors. We can name a few such as the dynamic collection of characters - each owns a unique set of skills, the massive weapon arsenal, any many more. Cosmetics are also a huge part of the game. They give normal characters, guns, and vehicles a completely new look - creating a refreshing vibe for the Battle Royale title. However, these items don’t come free, most of them must be acquired by Diamonds. This brings about the demand for Free Fire Diamond Generator APK

Free Fire Unlimied Diamonds And Gold Coins
Let's check out this APK myth

Let’s admit a fact that although the skins in Free Fire are beautiful, there aren’t many who can afford to buy all of them. You have to spend real money to purchase Diamonds in the game: INR 80 for 100 Diamonds and INR 250 for 310 Diamonds. Yes, it’s true that you can earn some by doing GPT apps’ surveys, yet the amount can hardly make a difference. On the other hand, you can find Free Fire Diamond Generator APK offered on the Internet - claiming to give you an unlimited supply at the cost of nothing. Is it really the case? Let’s find out together. 

What is Free Fire Diamond Generator APK?

Once you search the keyword “Free Fire Diamond Generator APK”, tons of results will appear, claiming to be a trusty mod that provides free Diamonds. In fact, they are no more than an unregulated modified version of the Free Fire game client. Upon logging in, you will get access to a never-ending supply of Diamonds as well as coins. Appealing it may sound, yet this Free Fire Diamond Generator APK download is not legitimate and can bring you severe repercussions. 

Free Fire New Update
Let's see whether it's possible to own every item in the current update for free

Free Fire Diamond Generator APK Features 

To give you a better understanding of this mod, let’s check out some of its “self-claiming” features. We’re looking into the v1.49 version of the Free Fire Diamond Generator APK download. If you’re curious and want to test it out yourself, we do note the link down below. 

Unlimited Diamond Supply 

Of course, the main reason why many turn to this Free Fire Diamond generator APK 2020 is the limitless source of the most sought-after currency. Only a handful of players can resist the temptation of purchasing all the expensive items that they can only observe with awe in the official version. On top of that, this mod also claims to offer an unlimited supply of gold coins as well. 

Unlimited Diamond Free Fire
It's hard to turn down such an appealing offer

Free Everything

Apart from the currencies, the Free Fire Diamond generator APK 2020 also provides all the features that you have to purchase in the official version for free. They include skins, badges, outfits, Elite Pass, and Lucky Spins. You will get access to all of them as soon as you download and log into the mod. But this puts forward a question: “What you are going to do with the unlimited Diamonds when you already have all the items?”. 

Free Skin Free Fire Mod
You will have access to every item in the game

Constant Content Update

Not stopping there, the Free Fire Diamond hack generator 2020 APK also claims to bring users the latest content update as on live servers. It means that you will be playing the most recent version of Free Fire while having unlimited Diamonds. All the new features, pets, weapons, are added into this mod as soon as the Garena publish them on the official version. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Content Update Mod
This mod claims to bring the latest update, too!

Free Fire Diamond Generator APK Download 

It’s normal to be curious after reading about all the appealing features of the Free Fire Diamond hack generator 2020 APK. Not many can resist the temptation of free currencies, skins, and all. It’s totally up to you to decide whether to use it or not. But if you do, we do not recommend registering with your main Free Fire account (reasons explained below). The latest version of the mod is 754MB in total with the same gameplay as of Garena.

Free Items Free Fire
If you don't mind the risk, check the APK mod down below

You can check out the Free Fire Diamond generator APK from the link below:

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Mod v1.49

Is Free Fire Diamond Generator APK Legal?

We understand the appeal of the Free Fire Diamonds generator tool APK. Being able to purchase and enjoy all the beautiful cosmetic items in the game is the dream of every single player. Unfortunately, you may suffer from severe consequences with a highly possible permanent ban. This is clearly stated in the Garena Free Fire’s policy. Using the Free Fire Diamonds generator tool APK mod is considered a form of cheating. The developers won’t allow any interference in their game’s state. 

Free Fire Ban Hacker
This mod is not legal and your account may be banned permanently

According to Garena’s policy, players will be banned permanently should they be charged guilty of alternating the game client. And judging the fact that the generator Diamond online Free Fire APK download actually modifies the game client, it fits perfectly with the description above. This means that you will risk being banned from the game since such action is 100% illegal. You can learn more about the possible outcomes of using the Free Fire Diamond generator APK from the link below:

Garena Free Fire cheating FAQ

Should You Use Free Fire Diamond Generator APK?

Whether to opt for the generator Diamond online Free Fire APK download is entirely up to you. But do bear in mind that you will risk being banned permanently from the game for this action. On top of that, since Free Fire is a server-based game, your information won’t be saved on your client. Instead, all the data of your currency holdings are uploaded to the game server. This means that all the Diamonds and gold coins you get from the mod don’t really exist in the official version. Using a Free Fire Diamond generator APK will also make you exposed to losing personal information. 

With all the information provided above, we hope that you now have a better perspective of the tempting Free Fire Diamond generator APK. Appealing as it may sound to have the ability to afford every cosmetics in the game, the mod isn’t worth the risk. However, whether to use it or not is not our choice to make. Please consider the possible consequences before diving deep into this matter. And if you really love Free Fire, show Garena some love by topping up Diamonds or own it the legitimate way. See you next time with another guide on