The unique character and pet systems are two of the main attractions of Garena Free Fire. They add a completely feel to the classic Battle Royale gameplay of other titles. The game publisher constantly introduces new characters and pets with various skills to keep the game feel fresh.

Free Fire Dasha Rockie
Let's welcome two members of the Free Fire family

Before the new features make their ways to the official game, they must first come to the Advance server. Dasha and Rockie were available in the Free Fire OB 24 Advance Server but only appear in the game store today.


As her in-game description reads, Dasha is a prankster and a rebel. She owns the "Partying On" special ability, a passive skin. It offers multiple benefits as follows:

Dasha Free Fire
Dasha's passive skill Partying On is very powerful
  • Fall damage taken reduced by 30% (50% at maximum level)
  • Recovery duration from fall reduced by 60% (80% at maximum level)
  • Reduce the rate of recoil build-up by 6% (10% at maximum level)
  • Maximum recoil reduced by 6% (10% at maximum level)


Rockie resembles a raccoon with default Mohawk hair, which he learned has already gone out of fashion. He owns a unique skill - "Stay Chill". It decreases the cooldown duration of the equipped active skill by 6% at Level 1, all the way up to 15% at max level.

Rockie Pet Free Fire
Rockie is a great match for skill-heavy characters

Though Dasha and Rockie have been introduced to the in-game store, players still can not purchase them just yet. Perhaps they will be available for grasp in some upcoming events first before they hit the shelves.