Update 1.3 for Genshin Impact would be released very soon. While Xiao is going to be the featured character in the next banner instead of Hu Tao, she would also be added to the game at a later date in the same patch.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao

In this article, we would share everything that has been dug up by data miners about Hu Tao, including her skills and abilities. While her skills and involvement in update 1.3 are not confirmed by miHoYo, fans have become massively excited about Hu Tao thanks to her voice actress reportedly being Rie Takashi.

1 - Hu Tao's Appearance and Design

Hu Tao is an NPC in Genshin Impact who's in charge of a funeral parlor. Most characters have a negative impression of her, as she is described as a prankster who always causes trouble. Her appearance is in style with other characters from Li Yue, a fictional nation based on China.

Hu Tao Genshin

2 - Hu Tao's Abilities

Below is a tweet from Reddit containing various leaks of Hu Tao's Attacks and Abilities:

Hu Tao is a spear user - her normal attack would perform up to 6 thrusts with increasing damage. Her charge attack is a rush forward that causes heavy damage to enemies... and her fall attack would deal area damage upon landing.

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Hu Tao has 2 active abilities, "butterfly leads to life" and "godsoother". Note that these two names are Google Translated from Chinese - the real in-game names might be different.

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The first ability would increase Hu Tao's attack damage and convert part of the damage into Pyro. Apply a buff to enemies hit when the skill is active - they would receive fire damage every 4 seconds with the buff active.

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Godsoother is an AOE ability that deals massive Pyro damage and restore Hu Tao's HP. If she has lower than 50% HP, the damage and regeneration would be increased.

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Her passive abilities are mostly damage related, with the most notable being a massive 25% Pyro damage buff when her HP is under 50%. This makes Godsoother super deadly, as its damage is already boosted at lower health.

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Hu Tao's Constellations are fairly strong, with the last level literally prevents her from getting killed for 10 seconds. Overall, she's the usual Pyro character with a focus on damage, crit... with a gimmick of hitting harder at lower HP.

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