Genshin Impact has become one of the best mobile games on the market in 2020, with refreshing and innovative gameplay for a mobile title. It is pretty much the first high budget open-world RPG released on mobile. The current version of the game would come to an end in a few weeks - many fans are already looking forward to Version 1.3.


As usual, leaks, data mines and rumors are rampant in the lead-up to the new patch. And in this article, we would list out everything rumored and confirmed for the update so far.

Xiao's Banner: Skill and Abilities

One leak for update 1.3 suggests that the upcoming banner is going to be Xiao, a character already revealed during the closed beta. It is not 100% sure that his skill would be completely like this on release, of course, as characters often get revamped somewhat from their beta iteration.


Xiao's normal attack is a spear combo - he can chain up to 6 consecutive spear strikes. His charged attack consumes more stamina for an upward thrust...while his plunging attack is striking from mid-air to deal AOE damage upon landing.

Lemniscatic Wind Cycling would let Xiao lunge forward to deal Anemo damage to all opponents in his path - this ability can be used in mid-air. Furthermore, the Bane of All Evil would have Xiao don the Yaksha Mask, which converts the damage of his attacks to Anemo damage and further increase his jumping ability, attack AOE and damage output.

Genshin Impact Version 1 3 Xiao Guide

Xiao's passive talents Gravity Defier would decrease stamina loss from climbing by 20% for party members... while Tamer of Demons would increase all damage output by 5% when Bane of All Evil is active.

Finally, Heaven Fall would increase the damage of subsequent Lemniscatic Wind Cycling usages by 15% each stack (max 3). The effect lasts for 7 seconds.

Version 1.3 Story Update

Allegedly, the story update in this version would be about the Lantern Rite Festival, which takes place in Liyue. This would make a banner with Xiao and Hu Tao possible, as they both play important roles in the event.


So far, not many leaks have been confirmed officially, but miHoYo at least announce that the update would buff Zhongli's stats and change the mechanics of the Geo Elements, which is currently considered the weakest in the game.

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