Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks have been coming out pretty fast in recent weeks, with the reveal of Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. 5-star characters in Genshin usually debut alongside their signature weapon, and Yelan is not an exception to this rule. In this article. Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Yelan's signature bow, the Aqua Simulacra.

1. About the Aqua Simulacra

Previously leaked under another name (Kirin bow), Yelan's Aqua Simulacra bow is tailor-made for her, with stat bonuses buffing all damage sources she has.

The design of the bow is clearly based on the Hydro element, with flowing waves and feathers. This fits Yelan's overall design to a T. If players want to main Yelan, pulling the weapon banner for this bow is a must.

The damage boost from this bow can skyrocket Yelan's damage potential, making it much easier to build her with a focus on HP. Yelan mains won't have to worry too much about Crit DMG substat.

2. Aqua Simulacra stats & Ascension materials


At R1, the Aqua Simulacra gives Yelan a 16% bonus max HP. When there are enemies nearby, the bow gives the user an additional 20% damage boost. This effect would still be in effect even if the wielder is off-field, which means the damage of Yelan's burst will not be affected.

Higher refinement levels boost the HP and damage bonuses of the bow up to x2.

At level 90, the weapon provides players with only 542 base ATK damage, much lower than the usual 5 star bows. The Amos' bow, for example, can get to 672 base damage. This is probably to make up for the mega-powerful Crit DMG substat - players can get a whopping 88.2% Crit DMG at level 90.

This is actually insane because in the hand of a skilled player it is possible to get guaranteed critical hits by landing headshots. The lower base damage might prevent Aqua Simulacra from being useful in the build of other characters.

Ascension materials

Below is the list for all of Aqua Simulacra's ascension materials. Overall, it is a lot of grind in Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula.

Fpg Z2oaaamwb N
Ascension materials for Aqua Simulacra

3. About Yelan

Overall, she is a Hydro bow user that scales based on MAX HP.

Elemental Skill

If off-field for 5s, she receives a special buff that reduces the charging time for her next charged attack by 80%. Charged attacks deal AoE Hydro damage that scales off HP.

Screenshot 2
Yelan's charged attacks deal AoE Hydro damage.

Upon activation, Yelan rapidly moves and marks enemies in her path. Afterward, the marked enemies get hit with Hydro damage that scales based on her Max HP. For every enemy hit during this sprint, there is a 34% chance for her to gain the aforementioned "special buff" at the end of the sprint.

Lingering Lifeline also has a hold mode - by holding down E, players would be able to sprint for a longer duration. This is likely used for exploration, as its direction is controllable. Its cooldown is 10 seconds.

Elemental Burst

Yelan deals AoE Hydro damage to all targets in the area, then summon an "Exquisite Throw" (similar to Xingqiu's rainswords). This is a special summon that deals additional Hydro DMG that scales off Yelan's Max HP during her Elemental Burst.

Screenshot 5
Yelan's burst deals AOE damage and summons a "dice"

Furthermore, Exquisite Throw also deals Hydro DMG when Yelan uses her Elemental skill. Depth-Clarion Dice has a 7o energy cost and 18 seconds cooldown.

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