Cooking is one of the main crafting mechanics in Genshin Impact. It allows players to make consumables to restore health, boost stats or even revive teammates. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 8 best Genshin Impact food recipes to cook in 2022.

Players also need to remember that only 3 food buffs can be activated at the same time and similar effects do not stack.

1. Adeptus' Temptation (5 ★)

  • Effects: Increases the party’s attack by 260/316/372 and critical rate 8/10/12% for 300 seconds.
  • Recipe: 4 Ham, 3 Crab, 3 Shrimp Meat, 3 Matsutake
Adeptus' Temptation
Adeptus' Temptation is amongst the most expensive Genshin Impact food recipes

Adeptus' Temptation is the best food in Genshin Impact. It provides players with extra bonus attack and a 12% crit rate for 5 minutes. If players are having problems beating domains or bosses on time, using an Adeptus' Temptation during the fight would definitely give them a decent edge.

The only weakness of this dish is its high ingredients cost. Adeptus' Temptation's recipe can be obtained by opening a chest on the floating island at the top of Qingyun Peak. To make the chest appear, you need to align 3 crane statues located on different nearby peaks.

2. Teyvat Fried Egg (1 ★)

  • Effects: Revives the character and restores 50/100/150 HP.
  • Recipe: 1 Bird Egg
Revive Characters Genshin Impact
This is the best food Genshin Impact for reviving characters.

Reviving characters is actually a pretty rare ability in Genshin Impact. Outside of restoration food, players can only revive by going to Statues of the Seven or having Barbara/Qiqi at C6. The former can't be done in combat... while the latter is a colossal waste of resources.

This is where the humble Teyvat Fried Egg comes in. It revives a character and heals 50-150 HP. Players can just use an actual healer or other food items to regain the rest of the HP afterward.

Players only need one bird egg for this recipe, which are plentiful all over the map. The low ingredient cost makes this the second-best food item in the game.

3. Jade Parcels (4 ★)

  • Effects: Increases the party’s attack by 224/272/320 and critical rate by 6/8/10% for 300 seconds.
  • Recipe: 3 Lotus Head, 2 Jueyun Chili, 2 Cabbage, 1 Ham
Genshin Jade Parcels
Jade Parcels is one of the cheapest Genshin food recipes for attacking.

Jade Parcels is the lite version of Adeptus' Temptation, which provides the same effect but slightly lower value. If you don't have the ingredients for Adeptus, Jade Parcels are more than enough. Its ingredients are fairly easy to find, except for the Jueyun Chili. They are Xiangling's ascension material and only spawn a set amount per week.

4. Mondstadt Hash Brown (3 ★)

  • Effects: Restores 30 - 34% of Max HP and an additional 600 - 1,900 HP to the selected character.
  • Recipe:  2 Pinecones, 1 Potato, 1 Jam
Mondstadt Hash Brown is fairly easy to craft.

When it comes to healing food, the Mondstadt Hash Brown is undoubtedly the best. on top of a solid percentage heal, it also gives a 600 - 1900 additional bonus healing. This makes the food item effective in pretty much all stages of the game. Players can get this recipe by completing the Temple of The Wolf.

The problem with this dish is the Jam requirement, which takes 10 minutes to craft. At least the recipe is simple enough, requiring only pinecones and a potato. Razor can turn this dish into Puppy-Paw Hash Brown, which restores even more HP.

5. Flaming Red Bolognese (2 ★)

  • Effects: Restores 18/20/22% of Max HP and regenerates 300/390/470 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Recipe: 2 Flour, 2 Raw Meat, 1 Tomato
Genshin Impact Flaming Red Bolognese
Amongst Genshin Impact food recipes, Flaming Red Bolognese has one of the simplest recipe. 

Flaming Red Bolognese is a useful food item that provides continuous healing over time. This eliminates the potential for overhealing. The best part about this dish is that it has a very low resource cost, will all common ingredients.

The recipe for Flaming Red Bolognese can be purchased from Good Hunter in Mondstadt. Lisa can turn this dish into Mysterious Bolognese, which restores even more HP.

6. Sweet Madame (2 ★)

  • Effects: Restores 20 - 24% of Max HP and an additional 900 - 1,500 HP to the selected character.
  • Recipe: 2 Fowl, 2 Sweet Flower
Sweet Madame
Sweet Madame is one of the earliest food you can cook.

One of the first recipes players gets in Genshin. Overall, Sweet Madame is good because of its super-accessible ingredients. Players can collect a lot of Fowl by hunting birds on the bridge in front of Mondstadt.

7. Pile 'Em Up (3 ★)

  • Effects: Increases the party’s critical rate by 10/15/20% for 300 seconds.
  • Recipe: 3 Raw Meat, 3 Potato, 1 Small Lamp Grass, 1 Cheese
Pile Em Up
Pile 'Em Up is the best crit boost food in the game.

Pile 'Em Up is one of the best consumable food to increase critical rate. Its boost is even higher than the Adeptus' Temptation. Players can acquire its recipe by purchasing from Good Hunter in Mondstadt.

However, players can only create this dish in the late game, after they reach AR 40.

8. Barbatos Ratatouille (3 ★)

  • Effects: Decreases Stamina depleted by gliding and sprinting for all party members by 15 - 25% for 900s.
  • Recipe: 4 Carrot, 4 Potato, 4 Onion
Barbatos Ratatouille
Barbatos Ratatouille is one of the best Genshin Impact food recipes for exploration.

You can get the recipe for Barbatos Ratatouille by talking to Vind at Stormbearer Point. It is the perfect item for speedy exploration - it allows players to gain stamina much faster for 15 minutes.

Venti can turn this dish into A Buoyant Breeze, which doubles the duration to 30 minutes.

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