Archaic Stone is a new feature in Genshin Impact 2.6. It's an exclusive material in The Chasm that's required in a new world quest. Check out all Genshin Impact Archaic Stone locations as well as how to use this new item here.

I. What Is Archaic Stone Genshin Impact

When doing the Says He Who Seeks Stone world quest, Travelers need to find Archaic Stones in different locations. It's a rare ore that you can mine in a deserted spot deep in the oldest mountains in the Chasm.

This rare rock has a dazzling color and it looks glowing under the light. It's very easy to notice the Archaic Stone when you get close to it. You will also be rewarded with an archaic stone after completing the Shifting Earth and Lost Threads Come to Light story quest.

Archaic Stone
There are nine locations of archaic stones in The Chasm.

II. Genshin Impact Archaic Stone Locations

There are nine archaic stones in the wild all around the aboveground area of The Chasm. It often spawns in high mountain cliffs. So, you should use Spoutrocks to jump higher and cranes to move up faster. Check out all Genshin Impact Archaic Stone locations here.

Archaic Stone Locations
Check out all locations of archaic stone locations in Genshin Impact 2.6.

Cinnabar Cliff

There are two archaic stones in two different corners of the Cinnabar Cliff. Go to explore these locations in Genshin Impact 2.6 and get acquainted with the new map for further quests and journeys.

  • The first one is in the south of Cinnabar Cliff. You use the Teleport Waypoint in this area to move there and head south. It's at the end of the stone cliff. Use a claymore user or Geo character to mine this stone quickly.
Archaic Stone In Cliff
Find an Archaic Stone in the south of Cinnabar Cliff.
  • The second stone spawns in the southeast of Cinnabar Cliff. After collecting the first stone, you head east to the location of the second stone. It's near the location of the Bedrock Key.
Cinnabar Cliff
The other one is near the Bedrock Key location.

Tiangong Gorge

There are three locations of archaic stones in Tiangong Gorge, in the south, southeast, and northeast of this area.

  • The archaic stone in the south of Tiangong Gorge lies among many Crystal Chunk and Iron Chunk. From the teleport waypoint, you go straight to the south and reach the top of the mountain cliff. Use the nearby Spoutrocks to jump up higher.
South Stone
There is an archaic stone in the south of Tiangong Gorge.
  • Then, you head to the east from the previous archaic stone. It's on a high cliff near the border of this area.
There is another one in the southeast of the area.
  • Another archaic stone is in the northeast of Tiangong Gorge. It's near the Bedrock Key that you have destroyed.
Go to the Northeast of the area to get the rare stone.

Glaze Peak

There is another archaic stone in the Northeast of Glaze Peak. From the teleport waypoint here, you head north to the end of the cliff. The stone is right there.

Glaze Peak
This is the archaic stone on the cliff in Glaze Peak.

Fuao Vale

There are two archaic stones in Fuao Vale in the Chasm. You can use the teleport waypoint in The Surface. Then, head northwest to the lowest place in Fuao Vale to mine the archaic stone. You can see a Hilichurl digging around this stone.

Fuao Vale
You may see a Hilichurl near this archaic stone in Fuao Vale.

Another archaic stone in Fuao Vale is on a high cliff in the northeast. From the teleport waypoint, you head north and use Spoutrocks to jump up and reach the high cliff. You will see two Qingxin flowers next to the stone.

Fuao Vale Stone
Another stone spawns near two Qingxin flowers.

West of The Surface

The last archaic stone is in the West of The Surface. From the previous location of the archaic stone in the northeast of Fuao Vale, you head southwest to the end of the cliff. It's near two Qingxin flowers.

West Of The Surface
The stone on the West of The Surface also spawns near two flowers. 

III. Archaic Stone Genshin Use

Genshin Impact players need to collect all nine archaic stones to give Muning in the world quest 'Says He Who Seeks Stone' in the Chasm. After giving him all three archaic stones according to his request, you will receive all rewards from this quest, including:

  • Primogems x 20;
  • Mora x 30,000;
  • Adventure EXP x 150.

Those are all Genshin Impact Archaic Stone locations in the Chasm. Go to collect all those rare items to complete the world quest and use them in further quests if needed.

Says He Who Seeks Stone
Give Muning three stones to complete the quest and collect 20 Primogems. 

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