Genshin Impact 3.1 will have four banners with four characters: Cyno, Nilou, Venti & Albedo. But it's hard for F2P players to roll all of them and earn enough Primogem for Dendro Archon who is possibly released in update 3.2.

Here are the seven top reasons why you want to save Primogems for later updates.

#1. Dendro Archon May Come In Update 3.2

According to the latest Genshin Impact banner leaks, Dendro Archon may come to the game in Update 3.2. It's an important reason why many players want to save Primogems for her instead of rolling four characters in update 3.1.

Besides, a lot of players have got Venti and Albedo already. It's not very necessary to roll these two rerun characters and unlock further constellation levels. You can save Primogems for a new character who is more suitable for the new gameplay and adventure in Sumeru.

Genshin Impact 3 1
Nahida and upcoming characters.

#2. Limited Number of Dendro Characters

There are only three playable Dendro characters now who are not very powerful to trigger many new elemental reactions. Therefore, you should save your budget for a really strong Dendro DPS for the new meta of Genshin Impact after update 3.0.

Though Collei, Tighnari, and Dendro Travelers still play well in Dendro teams, Nahida is obviously a better Dendro character when she comes to the game as the Dendro archon.

Nilou And Cyno
Nilou and Cyno have many replacing characters.

#3. Replacement Characters

Genshin Impact players have so many choices of Hydro, Electro, Geo, and Anemo characters. Therefore, it's not very compulsory to roll Nilou, Cyno, Albedo, and Venti unless you haven't got any replacement characters for them. '

But if you have got Zhongli, you should save Primogems for Nahida instead of trying to get Albedo if you are not a crazy fan of this character.

Genshin Impact Archon
Nahida is an archon.

#4. About Albedo

After the Hydro resonance update in version 3.0, Albedo is less anticipated than previously. The damage from Hydro resonance is not different from that of Geo resonance in Hu Tao's team. Besides, Albedo sometimes removes the Hydro application of this team. That's why many players replace him with another character in their old Hu Tao team.

#5. About Venti

Venti has had many rerun banners, so a lot of players have got this character already. Besides, Kazuha is a nice choice to replace Venti in most of his teams now. Especially when Dendro teams are trending now, Kazuha and Sucrose are better choices than Venti.

Nahida Is More Essential
Nahida is more essential in the current meta.

#6. More Guaranteed For Dendro Archon

The more Primogems and Intertwined Fates you have, the more you are guaranteed for Nahida. If you fail the first time of 50/50 or soft pity of 70 rolls, you still have Primogems to start again. But if you win just one of four characters in Genshin Impact 3.1 and do not have enough currencies for update 3.2, you may have to wait long until Nahida rerun.

#7. Shorten Update Time

The duration of each update in Genshin Impact has been shortened. Therefore, you don't have much time to earn free Primogems for the next banner. In other words, players don't need to wait long for the update next to the following update.

Dori Elemental Reaction
New characters will have rerun banners sooner.

You can wait for the rerun banners of Nilou and Cyno if you like their design because having a powerful Dendro character should be a priority at this time. But it also depends on your priority.

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