The 2nd Anniversary of Genshin Impact 2022 will have a lot of events with tons of valuable rewards for players. The new companion reward teased in the recent Livestream Program made fans go nuts. Check out all rewards you can get from this special event here.

#1. Daily Login Rewards

The anniversary event takes place between September 28th and October 13th. Daily login is a great source of rewards for every anniversary. You only need to log in to the game for 7 days in a row in the anniversary and claim the reward, such as:

  • Intertwined Fates x10;
  • Mora x80,000;
  • Mystic Ores x18;
  • Hero's Wits x8.

Don't miss these free rewards to upgrade current characters and pull new characters in update 3.1 or save them for later updates.

Login Rewards
You can claim many login rewards within seven consecutive days of the anniversary.

#2. Missive Windspear

Missive Windspear is a new 4-star polearm that Genshin Impact will give away in the upcoming Ballads and Brews Event. You need to complete some tasks to get claim this reward. This free weapon is not very rare but it's still good for many new polearm welders in upcoming updates, such as Dehya, Candace, and Cyno.

This event will feature Klee and Razor as the MCs who give you guides and hints for activities, missions, and quests in the event. You also unveil some secret stories of these characters. In addition, you will get a Plume of the Changing Winds and tons of other materials from this event.

Ballads And Brews Event
There is a free 4-star polearm from the Ballads and Brews Event.

#3. Cloud Retainer's Pet

The first anniversary disappointed a lot of players because they didn't get any anniversary gift that they can keep for a long time. Therefore, in this upcoming anniversary, miHoYo will reward players with a new companion - the adorable Cloud Retainer's pet.

You can claim this pet reward via the in-game mailbox. Besides, the game also gives away a generous amount of Primogems and four Fragile Resins from the mailbox.

#4. Party Popper

The Party Popper is another anniversary reward that miHoYo will gift players via the in-game mailbox. It's called the Jumpy Dumpty - the companion of Klee that she throws out when using her elemental skill. You can also get this adorable gadget for free. It may be a Teapot realm gadget that you can use for decoration.

Party Popper And Free Rewards
Party Popper and free rewards from the in-game mailbox.

#5. Other Rewards

You can get up to 1600 free Primogems from the in-game mailbox on the second anniversary of Genshin Impact. There is a generous amount of Mora, Hero's Wits, Mystic Ores, and character enhancement materials from upcoming anniversary events.

The upcoming anniversary event of Genshin Impact 2022 is highly anticipated. According to the information from the developers of the game, the next update will have many new small events and interesting activities.

Genshin Impact 3 1
The anniversary will take place during the first half of Genshin Impact 3.1.

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