New data from Teyvat Assistant has come in for the character usage rate in Genshin Impact 3.4's Floor 12 Spiral Abyss. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the most used teams and characters that players use to clear the final challenge of Genshin Impact - Spiral Abyss floor 12.

Genshin Impact 3.4: Most used teams for clearing floor 12

While the upcoming enemy lineup of 3.4's Spiral Abyss Floor 12 looks much easier than the previous cycle, there are more enemies and the bosses are tankier. Additionally, the enemies will spawn in multiple waves instead of all in one go.

This means characters with good AoE damage get more effective.

1. Childe International Team

  • Childe, Kazuha, Bennett, and Xiangling

Despite Dendro being the hottest and most trending team to use in the 3.x version, there is nothing wrong with just using the classic Childe vape team. It has a staggering usage rate of 40.7%, mostly in the second half.

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Childe International Team


The reason this team is so popular is that it uses common meta characters that everyone already has maxed. The three supports, Kazuha Bennett and Xiangling, can pretty much be used in any team - especially Kazuha.

2. Nilou Bloom team

  • Nilou, Kokomi, Nahida, and Dendro Traveler

This is one of the most expensive teams, with the two newer 5 stars that were released in previous patches. This was the most-used Dendro team and has the second-highest usage rate of 39.5% overall.

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Nilou Bloom team

Nilou and Nahida synergize with each other greatly, boosting the team's overall Bloom damage. Kokomi healing the self-damage by Dendro cores while applying Hydro off-field. The last slot is Dendro Traveler, which is a cheap battery for Nahida.

3. Alhaitham Quicken team

  • Alhaitham, Yae Miko, Zhongli, and Nahida

It is not a surprise that Alhaitham, the new character in 3.4, is one of the most popular in Spiral Abyss. He is well-designed, with a kit revolving around one of the best reactions in the game. Additionally, the Abyssal Moon blessing also benefits him a lot.

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Alhaitham Quicken team

This particular composition has a usage rate of 27.6% and was mostly used in the first half against ASIMON

Genshin Impact 3.4: Most used characters in Spiral Abyss floor 12

1. Nahida - 88.3%

The most popular character in this abyss cycle, Nahida pretty much trivialize the abyss content, making the affair incredibly easy. Players who missed Nahida should look forward to her rerun in Genshin Impact 3.6, which also bring Nilou. Even players who already has Nahida might want to try for her signature weapon or constellation.

Still, it is yet to be seen if her popularity lasts, as the abyssal moon blessing this cycle is best for Dendro.

2. Bennett

Bennett is the most-used 4-star unit on Floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss, with the second-highest usage rate of 83%. He is a great general support character, with the ability to cover almost everything. Outside of buffing damage, he can also heal, cleanses and activate Pyro Resonance to increase the whole team's attack.

Bennett Genshin
Bennett is the "one character fit all" 4-star in Genshin. However, he lacks some damage at C0.

3. Kazuha

Kazuha has good crowd control and damage, however, his EM boost is what make him fit into Dendro teams. He also has elemental damage boost on top of that as well, every time he triggers swirls with the Venerer set.

The character boasts the third-highest usage rate of 77%.

4. Zhongli

Zhongli continues to be the best generic support. His tough shield can withstand all types of enemy attacks, allowing players to get away with any type of squishy lineups. His universal res shred is also a great boost. Zhongli's usage rate is 75%.

5. Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun continues to be the top pick in Genshin, with a whopping 74.2% usage rate.

Raiden Shogun Genshin
Raiden Shogun remains an universal DPS.

She is a top-tier Electro character who can deal high damage as both main and sub DPS. Besides her innate high stats, Raiden also has an excellent kit that increases the team's Elemental Burst damage and Energy Recharge. As spamming Elemental Burst is one of the most common, cookie-cutter strategies in the game, Raiden Shogun is a staple of the best team comps for Genshin's hardest content.

6. Alhaitham

With the current Spiral Abyss Blessings being in his favor, Alhaitham has the sixth-highest usage rate of 64.1%. His easy to use Dendro DPS kit might remain popular in later patches.

7. Xingqiu

Xingqiu is Hu Tao’s premier Hydro enabler. His rate of off-field Hydro application is unsurpassed (especially at C6), and he also contributes a large amount of damage. In on-field Hyperbloom/Burgeon Nahida teams, a second Hydro unit can be used in the Flex spot to keep up with Nahida’s Dendro application.

Xingqiu is much more popular than his 5 star counterpart Yelan.

He has the seventh-highest usage rate of 63.3% and is amongst the best 4-star units, lagging only behind Bennett.

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