Fountain Of Lucine, Vasari Passage, and Narzissenkreuz Ordo are famous destinations in Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.0. The Land of Hydro also has lots of breathtaking landscapes underwater. Let's check out the top 7 famous landscapes in this nation here.

#1. Opera Epiclese

Opera Epiclese is one of the top must-visit places of attraction in Fontaine. It looks spectacular from the outside and elegant from the inside. Upon entering the Opera House, the spiral staircase in the hall of the Opera Epiclese will make your jaw drop. At the end of the staircase, there is a box seating for the court. The famous Fountain Of Lucine is placed in front of this theater. It's an iconic location in the Court of Fontaine.

Opera Epiclese
Opera Epiclese looks breathtaking after dusk. 

#2. The 'Real' Annapausis

The 'Real' Annapausis is one of the most gorgeous houses in Fontaine that you should visit once. It looks like a fairyland. This house is the location of the World Quest - Ann of the Narzissenkreuz: Act III. After completing this quest, Traveler will realize it's a dreamland. There are sunflowers, pine trees, a small wooden gate, and sunlight, making a peaceful and lovely scene.

Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz Location
It's Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz quest location.

#3. Merusea Village

Merusea Village is a famous location that you must visit to complete some quests, and pick some Oculi, and treasures. Moreover, it's the home of Melusines - the iconic creature in the Land of Hydro. This wealthy village will impress visitors with its stunning architecture, community, and culture.

Merusea Village Genshin Impact
Merusea Village is a wealthy village with lots of things to explore. 

#4. Seaworn Cavern

This is an underwater landscape in Salacia Plain with tons of colorful marine creatures and aquatic plants. You can see the remaining skull of the Orobashi Serpent in Inazuma there. The sea bed is covered by a layer of seagrass. The stunning scenery will make you wow.

Seaworn Cavern
Visit Seaworn Cavern and check the viewpoint here. 

#5. Narzissenkreuz Ordo

This is a secret room in Fontaine's water bodies. You need to enter this Submerged Ruins through a book in the Institute of Natural Philosophy. Upon entering this chamber, you will be amazed by the beautiful sunlight streaking through the window with the colorful glass of the room. There is a large round wooden table in the center of the room and many bookshelves on the walls. Bookworms will love this room.

Narzissenkreuz Ordo
Narzissenkreuz Ordo is a secret submarine chamber.

#6. Vasari Passage

Vasari Passage in the Court of Fontaine is an iconic architecture of the Land of Hydro. This fountain has a striking look that you haven't seen anywhere else in previous nations of Teyvat. This masterpiece is a bustling location in this city where local people stroll around.

Vasari Passage
Vasari Passage is an impressive fountain in the Court of Fontaine.

#7. A Very Warm Place

When you traverse the Beryl Region, take a trip to the subarea called 'A Very Warm Place'. There is a dragon's heart in the form of a blue glowing stone in the center of this cavern. You need to complete the "Ancient Colors" World Quest here to reveal the hidden beauty of this secret cave.

A Very Warm Place
A Very Warm Place is located in the Beryl Region. 

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