You have to collect 150 Joyeux Vouchers to get Kaeya's skin - Sailwind Shadow before the Secret Summer Paradise event ends. Check out all Genshin Impact Joyeux Voucher locations and how to get these items here.

I. How To Get Joyeux Vouchers

Joyeux Voucher is an event item that you can collect on the Veluriyam Mirage map during the Secret Summer Paradise event. There are many ways to obtain these vouchers, such as:

  • Collect Joyeux Voucher boxes around the map;
  • Complete Choo-Choo Cart Challenges and obtain the treasure chests;
  • Interact with Hydro Eidolons;
  • Complete Curious challenges, time-trial challenges, and Preprint puzzles to get Fascinating Chests.
Ways To Collect Joyeux Voucher
Ways to collect Joyeux Vouchers in Veluriyam Mirage.

There are 290 Joyeux Vouchers scattered throughout the Veluriyam Mirage map. There are two special Joyspar Gadgets, namely Flowing and Felicitious Joyspars, which can help you locate hidden Joyeux Vouchers. You need to:

  • Get 90 vouchers to get Flowing Joyspar;
  • Get 270 vouchers to get Felicitous Joyspar.
Joyspar Gadgets
You should obtain and use Joyspar Gadgets to locate the rest vouchers on the minimap.

The Flowing Joyspar can show you the location of vouchers in a set AoE. The Felicitous Joyspar is the advanced version that can show you the exact locations of 20 final vouchers on the map.

II. Joyeux Voucher Box Locations

There are 20 Joyeux Voucher boxes throughout the Veluriyam Mirage map. Each box gives you 4 vouchers. Then, you can get 80 vouchers from all these boxes. Check out the locations of all these boxes below.

Secret Summer Paradise Event Map
All 20 Joyeux Voucher box locations on the Secret Summer Paradise event map.

You can find 7 boxes in Silver Bottle Courtyard and 13 boxes in Overgrown Valley, including two underground boxes. Like Elemental Oculi, these voucher boxes are marked by a unique icon that will appear on the minimap when you get close to them.

  • Silver Bottle Courtyard

You go to the following spots to get the voucher boxes in Silver Bottle Courtyard.

Silver Bottle Courtyard
Voucher box locations in Silver Bottle Courtyard.
Location no. Description Image
1 Right in the middle of the only part to the village center from the Teleport Waypoint Location 1
2 In front of the wooden hut near the hanging bridge Location 2
3 Hanging above the tiny isle Location 3
4 Above a wooden roundabout; Interact with nearby Water Droplets to summon a Pinwheel and turn on an updraft to glide up and pick the box. Location 4
5 On the rooftop of the main building in the village center where you meet MC characters in the event. Location 5
6 On the way around the tree root-clinging rock in the center of the village Location 6
7 On the highest isle in the sky Location 7
  • Overgrown Valley

After you complete the event quest “Glaze Domain, Multum in Parvo”, you can unlock the second area in Veluriyam Mirage. Then, go to pick the rest 13 voucher boxes in this area.

Overgrown Valley
Voucher box locations in Overgrown Valley.
Location no. Description Image
1 On a big tree near the first Waypoint Location 1
2 Above a wooden elevated platform in the north of the valley Location 2
3 On the mountain cliff above the second cart station in the east of the valley Location 3
4 Under the archway close to the west-most waypoint Location 4
5 Inside a small hut, next to a Starshroom; Interact with the Starshoom to dissolve the Hydro bubble Location 5
6 In the tiny tent next to the waterfall Location 6
7 Get to the Hub Flower with Choo-Choo Cart and head north. Drop down and glide toward to box. Location 7
8 Above a vine-clinging rock on the cart rail to the Hub Flower Location 8
9 In the cart stop in the east of Overgrown Valley Location 9
10 Above a wooden observation tower Location 10
11 Next to the underground waypoint in the south of Overgrown Valley Location 11
12 From the previous one, head south to a larger room; You can find it while doing the quest "Capturing Light and Shadow" Location 12
13 Take the Violet Flower cart rail to the cart stop in the southwest desert of the valley Location 13

Many boxes spawn high in mid-air which requires players to use their experience to find a higher spot to glide down or use available gadgets, such as Bouncy Mushroom, Four-Leaf Sigils, or the Choo-Choo cart to reach.

Joyeux Voucher Box
Each Joyeux Voucher box gives you 4 vouchers.

III. How To Play Choo-Choo Cart

Choo-Choo Cart is an exclusive challenge in the Veluriyam Mirage map. You will get a Luxurious Treasure Chest containing Joyuex Vouchers after completing this challenge. After starting the challenge, you will shoot the Jubilant Wave on two sides of the cart to break Bloatty Floatties. Besides, some challenges require players to destroy three moving along the rails.

Choo Choo Cart Genshin Impact
You can summon Choo-Choo Carts at cart stations to board and travel around the map.

In addition, you need some tips to complete all objectives of this challenge quickly. Besides, you can unlock further rails to move around this map easily.

  • Press the Switch Lane button when it appears to shoot extra Bloatty Floatties.
  • Use Jubilant Waves to shoot three Tracklayer Stones to unlock hidden rails.

You also need the Choo-Choo Cart to enter the underground cavern in the Overgrown Valley to get two hidden voucher boxes.

Shoot Bloatty Floatties
Shoot Bloatty Floatties and Fungus Balloons to complete the Choo-Choo Cart challenge.

IV. Joyuex Voucher Rewards

The more Joyeux Vouchers you get, the more rewards you can claim before the event ends. Here are the best attractive rewards you can claim by collecting these tokens.

  • 150 Primogems: 150 vouchers;
  • 180000 Mora: all vouchers;
  • Flowing Joyspar Gadget: 90 vouchers;
  • Kaeya's new skin - Sailwind Shadow: 150 vouchers;
  • Felicitous Joyspar Upgrade: 270 vouchers.
Joyeux Voucher
Collect more Joyeux Vouchers to claim more rewards.

Besides, you also obtain elemental fragments, Hero's Wits, and mystic ores. Don't miss this chance to farm materials, Primogems, and valuable rewards.

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