Genshin Impact attracts a lot of players thanks to its stunning anime visuals. Moreover, this game is also a topic for cosplayers. Recently, a Genshin Impact live-action video has taken a storm to the internet.

Genshin Impact Live Action Video

In the last months of 2020, Genshin Impact has made a big hit and became one of the best games in the world. The number of players increases every month and surpassed 20 million players in a few weeks. This new game has brought players a lot of fun and interesting experience in the last few months.

Twin Traveler
Genshin Impact's live-action cast includes a lot of beautiful cosplayers.
The Expression
The expression of cosplayers in the video is excellent.

It has stunning anime images which excited a lot of gamers. Moreover, many cosplayers are using this game as a topic to create many beautiful cosplay photoshoots. In addition, they also made many spectacular live-action videos. It was made by a cosplay group which is not very famous. However, the video was made professionally.

Visual Effect
They also used many visual effects to make the video look more stunning and spectacular.
The Background Looks Stunning
The Background Looks Stunning Like The In-game World.

This 11-minute video took a storm to the internet thanks to the stunning graphics and beautiful actors. Moreover, they performed excellently and made the viewers go nuts. Moreover, the video makers invested a lot in the costumes and the filming process.

Familiar Characters
You will see a lot of familiar characters in beautiful costumes.
They Invested A Lot In Graphics
They Invested A Lot In Graphics.

Besides, the cast includes a lot of handsome actors and gorgeous and lovely actresses. They performed the spirit and characteristics of Genshin Impact characters excellently. You will see a lot of familiar characters played by those beautiful cosplayers. Furthermore, they used many special visual effects to make it looks more fictional and attractive like the in-game characters.