Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game in an open world. It was released for PS4, MS, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms. The console and mobile versions have many differences. Check out some differences between the Genshin Impact console and mobile below with

Genshin Impact Console Release Date

Is Genshin Impact on Console? The answer is yes. You can download it on PS4 and PS5 via the Play Station Store. It's free to download the game in this store. Besides, this game will also be compatible with Nintendo Switch in the upcoming time. Moreover, the game seems to be available on Xbox soon.

Genshin Impact Ps4
You can download and play Genshin Impact on PS4

Genshin Impact was released on PS4 on September 28, 2020. It was planned to come to the PS5 platform on November 11, 2020. This game will have better graphics quality when it comes to PS5. The release date of this game on Xbox and Nintendo Switch is not confirmed yet.

Genshin Impact Console Review

You can play Genshin Impact on PS4, PC, and mobile now. The rules and gameplay of these versions are not different. Genshin Impact is the journey of a twin or the character you choose to play in an open world. Now, only 2 out of 7 city maps have been released already. Therefore, the game story has not been completed yet. But you will have missions to complete and rank up.

Genshin Impact Characters
You will choose the characters to play when entering the game.

This is an exciting action game with simple but interesting gameplay. You will choose 4 characters out of more than 20 characters with different skills to form a team and switch among them to control them and use their ability. Each of those characters has a different skill combo that you can unlock and upgrade to make them more powerful.

Genshin Impact Characters
There are over 20 characters in this game.

Your mission is killing the monsters to win while your characters are still alive. However, it's not as easy as you think. Genshin Impact players need to understand all the elements and effects of elemental reactions and combinations.

Genshin Impact Elements
Genshin Impact is a world of magic

There are seven elements with different effects and various elemental reactions in this game. The combinations of different elements in a squad also affect the gameplay and strategy of your squad.

Genshin Impact Elemental Combos Elements
You can use and control the power of elements.

Genshin Impact Mobile Vs Console

The most significant difference between the console version and the mobile version of this game is the screen size and control schemes.

  • The screen of the mobile phone is much smaller than the Play Station screen. Therefore, all the images will be reduced in size.
  • However, you will play the game on a larger screen with PS4. Therefore, the game world is also more detailed.
You Wander Around The Map
You Wander Around The Map To Find And Complete Quests.
  • Playing this game on mobile can be easier because you can touch the function buttons directly. When you play on PS4, you will control the characters with a controller. Then, you will have to remember the actions of all buttons.

Moreover, the Genshin Impact console and mobile versions have different features, such as cross-save and cross-play.

Genshin Impact Mobile
You will touch the buttons can control the characters directly.


You need to log-in with your email or social media account to save the game data when you play on different platforms. Then, when you log in to play Genshin Impact on PC and mobile, your game achievements are cross-saved. You can play on the PC and mobile platform with the same account and the data is synced.

The Game Data Cannot Be Synced
The Game Data Cannot Be Synced Cross-Platform Between PS4 And Mobile And PC.

However, your game data on the PS4 account can be saved only on PS4. Because you don't use your email to log in to the game on PS4 but you need to use a PSN account. Therefore, your game achievement on this platform won't be synced to play on PC and mobile.


Although PS4 doesn't have a cross-save feature, this platform lets you play with Genshin Impact players on the two other platforms, such as PC and mobile. Similarly, mobile players can also play with PS4 and PC players.

Genshin Impact Ps4
Genshin Impact PS4 Players Can Play With PC And Mobile Players.

Players can find other players to add friends by using UID displayed in your game profile. However, it's easier to find friends by UID on PS4 than on mobile and PC. Therefore, the friend list of PS4 players will be full faster.

Genshin Impact Gameplay

When you log in to the game, you will enter a magic world and wander around to complete missions. There are a lot of quests at different locations on the map to complete and receive EXP and rewards. Besides, you can find a lot of monsters all over the map to farm materials, experience points, and supplies.

You can find a lot of monsters all over the map to farm EXP and rank up.

Besides, chests are spawned across the map. These treasures are very worth hunting because you will receive many necessary materials and rewards. Those locations are marked in the interactive map, so you can access the interactive map to find the locations of monsters, chests, and quests quickly. Or else, you can explore the map and find these features by yourself.

Form A Squad
miHOYO is opening new cities and introducing new characters to this game in the upcoming updates.

There are over 20 characters in the game now. miHOYO is opening new cities and introducing new characters to this game in the upcoming updates. These updates will come to all platforms at the same time. Therefore Genshin Impact players of all platforms can always play together. In the upcoming time, the game publisher will bring this game to PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

Those are things you need to know about the Genshin Impact console as well as some differences between playing this game on this platform and the mobile platform. To update the latest Genshin Impact game news as well as more tips, tricks, and reviews for gamers, let's visit our website.