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Will Genshin Impact Have Character Creation?

This feature has not been introduced in this game but this game lets players build their characters. The game does not let players create their own characters like in some other games. Instead, the developers have been continuously introducing new playable characters with different appearances for players to choose from.

Genshin Impact Character
Genshin Impact does not let players create their own character.

There are 26 playable characters in this game for you to select and play. These characters can be obtained from missions and adventure rank rewards. When you log in to the game, you will choose a free character from the Traveler Twins. Besides, many starter characters, such as Amber, Lisa, and Kaeya can be obtained when you have completed certain Adventure Missions. Then, when you level up, other characters will be unlocked.

You can unlock more characters when you rank up.

Genshin Impact players can receive character by performing Wishes that require Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates. You can use Primogems to buy these fates. The Intertwined Fates will be used to give players event wishes. Then, the event wish will give you character or weapon. You will have a chance to get one 5-star character or one of three 4-star characters with Character Event Wishes.

Character List
There are 26 playable characters in this game for you to select and play.

After choosing the starting character, you will enter the name and birthday to get a special bonus on your birthday anniversary. After leveling up, you have more chances to choose the character and change the appearance of your character.

Genshin Impact Character Creation: Appearance Change

Although this game does not allow you to create your own character, it still lets you change your character outfit in the Dressing Room. When playing this game, each player will choose the main character to control and travel around the map to find artifacts, quests, treasures, and new locations.

Genshin Impact developers introduced a feature called "Wind Glider" to let those characters fly.

To let those characters move faster on such an immense map, Genshin Impact developers introduced a feature called "Wind Glider". Then, your character can fly on these wings and glide in the air like birds. Moreover, the wings also help Genshin Impact players fly through ravines and dales quickly and safely.

Wings Ofdescension
These wings have different colors and patterns although the shape is the same.

Moreover, when you change the wings, your character will also look a little bit different. There are three different Wind Gliders in Genshin Impact, including Wings of First Flight, Wings of Companionship, and Wings of Descension. These wings have different colors and patterns although the shape is the same.

Genshin Impact Best Team Build

When building a team to go farming in Genshin Impact, you need to concern about the squad role and ability of each character. Then, choose the best weapons and role for these team members to have the best team. Here are the top 5 best team builds that you can learn from.

Create A Powerful Team
Create a team to go farming in Genshin Impact

Best Pyro Team

The best pyro team in Genshin Impact includes Diluc, Xiangling, Fischl, and Venti. Diluc will take the role of main DPS in this squad while three other characters support him to increase the damage to the target. Xiangling and Fischl are two A-tier sub DPS characters while Venti is an S-tier utility character. If you don't have Venti at your party, you can use the Anemo Traveler to complete your team.

Diluc will take the role of the main DPS character in the best pyro team.

Best Cryo Team

It includes Chongyun, Kaeya, Fischl, and Venti. Although this team does not have any main DPS character, the combined power of Chongyun and Kaeya is still great enough to cause huge damage to the target by their freezing effect. Moreover, the advantage of this team is the elemental control. You can also use Xiangling and Anemo Traveler to replace Fischl and Venti.

Chongyun is a powerful cryo character.

Best Electro Team

This team includes Razor, Fischl, QiQi, and Kaeya. The couple of Razor and Fischl is one of the most powerful character combinations in Genshin Impact. When fighting together, these two characters can cause great electric damage in a large area. It's possible to kill the boss and clear monsters. You can also use Venti instead of Qiqi in the support role. The advantage of this team is the low price because all of them are 4-star characters.

The Couple Of Razor And Fischl
The couple of Razor and Fischl is one of the most powerful character combinations in Genshin Impact.

Or else, you can build a team of Kequing, Fischl, QiQi, and Bennett. Kequing is a powerful A-tier main DPS character with Electro element while Fischl is an effective A-tier electro sub-DPS character.

Best Hydro Team

The best Hydro team in Genshin Impact includes Mona, Xingqiu, Fischl, and Venti. Mona and Xingqiu are two S-tier sub-DPS characters. The damage of these two Hydro characters is huge enough to make highlights.

Mona is one of the best Hydro characters.

Best Geo Team

This team should include Ningguang, Geo Traveler, Fischl, and Venti. The A-tier DPS character Ningguang is the best choice for those who want to try new strategies. However, this team is pretty hard to control.

Ningguang is an A-tier DPS character.

Best Anemo Team

To build the best Anemo team, you should combine Venti, Jean, Klee, and Bennett. Two Anemo characters and two Pryo characters will combine their power to cause greater Pryo damage at a wider area to eliminate monsters quickly.

Venti has a powerful Anemo effect.

Those are things you need to know about  Genshin Impact character creation as well as some recommended team builds in this game. To update the latest Genshin Impact game news, tips, tricks, and guides, let's visit our website.