Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus is a new local plant near water bodies in the Land of Hydro. It's named Pluie which means "rain" in French. Let's check out all locations and the best farming routes of Pluie Lotus in this country and all its uses.

Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus
Pluie Lotus is a beautiful flowering plant growing near water bodies in Fontaine.

I. Pluie Lotus Locations & Farming Routes

Pluie Lotus usually grows in a wet environment that is rich in Hydro. You can find and collect them near the water bodies in Fontaine, such as rivers, seas, canals, and lakes in the open world. Here are all the spawning spots of this local plant in the wild.

  • The long pond in the northeast of the city;
  • Around the bank of the lake in Marcotte Station;
  • In the southwest of the City, near the gateway of the city;
  • Offshore underwater spot in front of the City;
Pluie Lotus In The North
Here are all Pluie Lotus locations around the Court of Fontaine.
  • Around a shallow pond and a lake in Elynas with the skeleton of the serpent;
  • On the beach in the south of the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi;
  • Near the shore outside the boiling water lake in the Beryl Region;
  • On the beach right in the south of the previous place.
Pluie Lotus In The South
Get to these Pluie Lotus locations in the South of the current Fontaine map to pick this flower.

II. How To Get More Pluie Lotus

You can also grow Pluie Lotus in the Orderly Meadow fields in your Realm Layouts in the Serenitea Pot. There are 43 Pluie Lotus flowers in the wild. You can grow and get eight more flowers from Gardening. You can buy two Orderly Meadow fields from the Realm Depot.

While farming Pluie Lotus flowers in the wild, you should equip the Seed Dispensary gadget to collect its seeds at the same time. You can also buy its seeds from the Realm Depot. Then, go to your Serenitea Pot Realm and grow this flower. The flowers will be ready for harvest after 70 hours. These fields of aquatic flowers also decorate and adorn your realm.

Farm Pluie Lotus In The Wild
Farm Pluie Lotus in the wild and collect its seeds to grow this flower in your Serenitea Pot Realm.

III. Pluie Lotus Uses

Genshin Impact players have to collect lots of Pluie Lotus flowers to get two diagrams of Fontaine's local weapons: Rightful Reward and Song of Stillness. Let's check out how many flowers you need to exchange for these weapon blueprints here.

Weapon Weapon Type Materials to Exchange
Rightful Reward Polearm
  • Pluie Lotus x10;
  • Bulle Fruits x10;
  • Condessence Crystal x10.
Song of Stillness Bow
  • Condessence Crystal x10;
  • Pluie Lotus x10;
  • Marcotte x10.

This flower often respawns after 48 hours. Return to these locations to farm more Pluie Lotus flowers. This local specialty may have more uses in upcoming updates.

Use Pluie Lotus
Use Pluie Lotus flowers to purchase the diagrams for two Fontaine weapons.

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