Besides the upcoming tournaments which take a period to complete, PUBG Mobile publisher is now opening PUBG challenges with cool prizes. On 15th November, the PUBG Mobile official Twitter announced their new challenge: win a match with AWM. This time the award is a dog tag which has a level 3 helmet and an AKM cross AWM symbol.

The dog tag reward

So, what players need to do to win the prize? There are 4 steps. Step 1, attend a Classic match on one of three maps: Elrangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Step 2: find an AWM. Finding an AWM on PUBG Mobile is quite challenging because it is only available on air drops which drop on the map randomly or can be summoned if players have flare gun.

Moreover, when the airdrop arrives, many other players will come for it, and of course, a fight will happen to get the guns. AWM is the strongest sniper on PUBG Mobile so definitely, everyone wants to have it.


After getting an AWM, players have to get a Winner Chicken Dinner and take a screenshot of it while equipping an AWM. The result is counted regardless of players play solo, duo or squad. The last step is posting the image on Twitter with hashtag #pubgmobileawm and #pubgmobilechallenge. The challenge will end on 22nd November, so players are better hurry up to get the limited dog tag.

Take a screenshot like this guy and tweet on Twitter

This is the first challenge after the Crew Challenge on PUBG Mobile. However, the Crew challenge is more difficult and needs more time because players have to defeat other crews to become the only champion. The prize for the Crew Challenge is the Scorching Kar98 Skin. Quite deserving!!! It seems PUBG Mobile will have more challenges in the future. Therefore, if players miss this AWM challenge, there still others to join.