Ghostbuster World is a new mobile game of Ghost Corps, a company under Sony which “owns” the Ghostbuster franchise. This game was co-developed by a South Korea studio named 4:33. This developer is a familiar name to multiple big game franchises, having released the popular DC Unchained just recently. However, the company is seeking to bolt this franchise to something that is a lot more successful: Pokemon Go.

It will not take any player too long of a time to see the number of undeniable similarities between Pokemon Go and Ghostbuster World. After all, Pokemon Go is undeniably the most recognizable apex predator out of all mobile AR and GPS-based games. In Pokemon Go, players will wander along their local regions trying to catch monsters with their Poke Balls. Now, in Ghostbuster Worlds, users will wander along trying to catch ghosts using their Ghost Traps as well as Proton Packs. We can play both of these games either by using our phones’ cameras to make augmented realities or in simulated environments, too.

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Real gameplay of the game

Once the player has completed customizing the avatar, they will be tasked with studying the way to utilize the Ghost Trap and Proton Pack. The difference between Ghostbuster World and Pokemon Go is that you will have to shoot the ghosts as well as counter the attacks until the ghosts are weak and then catch them. After successfully doing so, you can then throw a Ghost Trap out and then drag the ghost to the trap’s path. The powerful ghosts can indeed escape the Ghost Trap and recover their strength. This will make you try a second time at weakening them and try to use the Ghost Trap again.

There is also one little neat thing that you can do. It involves you utilizing your weapons to push any ghost to the air. When you reach an altitude high enough, a little button labeled “Slam” will appear on your screen. Clicking this button will drag that ghost back to the land with a quite big “THUMP!” This is not only a little neat way to make your attacks more varied. It can also be a quite wonderful reliever for stress after any kind of hard day. As this game progresses more and more, you will, in turn, get even more weapons. Among those weapons, there is even a shotgun which can straight-up kill a ghost, not trapping it.

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You can get more powerful weapons

After a short playthrough, we have gathered that it seems like there will only be the Proton Glove that remains from the remake/reboot of 2016. There has not been any evidence at all that Tolan, Holzmann, Yates, or Gilbert are anywhere in this game. On the other hand, you can encounter the popular original quartet Zeddemore, Spengler, Stantz, and Venkman in the game’s story mode.

Traveling around catching the ghosts, you will undoubtedly be tasked to visit Dimensional Doors. Seems familiar? Of course, it is the same mechanic as the Pokestops of Pokemon Go. Doing things like this will open you to little treats such as more gears like spare trap and more experience bonuses. You see, traps are a finite resource in the world of Ghostbuster World. Thus, you will indeed need a supply of those things to keep on playing this game. You can, however, place your door at any location that you like – for example, your home – to make sure you can constantly get some treats.

That is the first layer of this game, you going around in an effort to catch them all to fill your collection up. You have a Pokedex in the form of the Spirit Guide of Tobin and a bag to collect a small number of ghosts. There are currently 150 (hmm) beings for you to catch. This number will become larger with the growth of a game.

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It is a great mobile game

There are still other elements which match or sail close at least to what Pokemon Go set. It has Research, Inventory Upgrade, and Ecto Sphere or egg-hatching. Of course, with this game being on mobile, you can either pay to get things faster or wait an excruciatingly long time.

After getting a satisfying collection of ghosts, it’s time you do something with those guys. Here, this game just takes an abruptly sudden turn. Go into Ghost Dimension or Story Mode, and you will see that you are playing something entirely different. Since Ghostbuster World just nonchalantly turns into turn-based battles. In these modes, a team of ghouls will go against the army of the underworld.

Ghostbuster World is a game like Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of turn-based games. To me, they are the epitome of things I hate in video games. I do not like to tediously line up my strategies and attacks, then watch them one by one play out afterward. I also hate the digital, hidden dice rolls which will dictate the success of my carefully thought plans. There is also the fact they all happen in take-your-turn, stilled runs. I hated Advance Wars, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, or even Might & Magic Heroes and this game is no exception.

Ghostbusters World | Launch Trailer

Fortunately, you can get the CPU to do your battles, which can run on varied speeds. I have taken advantage of this feature a lot. You also are not required to go too deep in the modes in case you only like playing Pokemon Go with these ghosts.

The main problem of this game is that it gets too repetitive. After all, the main mechanics for gameplay is not new at all. Unluckily, the developers tried to make the game too much more complex than the other mobile games. Just walking around while trying to navigate the unnecessary complex menus with one eye is painful enough for me.

This is a fine line, as in case a game is too flimsy, then there is no worth in it for you to invest your time. It is certain that this game will be more comfortable for you to play while sitting down on a car, bus, or train. Also, how invested will people be about catching fairly stock ghosts? With Pokemon Go, the creatures have their own fan bases already. Right now, I can see this game’s potential, but I will like it even more if it was less demanding.