Throne of Elves, an upcoming MMOARPG of PopPace, is about to hit Google Play Store this week. This is a game inspired by a movie of the same name, which aired a few years back.

Similar to the movie, the game will take place in the fantasy Elven world of Altera. Here, an epic clash is happening: Princess Liya is fighting for justice against the evil Dark Elf Elena. Therefore, get together, stop the evils and prevent them from taking over the planet is the objective of every player.

Throne of Elves
Join Princess Liya and fight the evil Dark Elf Elena

The diverse class and weapon system in Throne of Elves

In Throne of Elves, there will be a solid system of 4 classes to choose from: Kensai, Ninja, Ranger and Demon Hunter. Among those classes, each one has a unique set of skills with over 50 skills for players to freely choose to study and practice. Moreover, the game also features a 2 weapons system. This will allow you to hold 2 types of weapon and to swap between them with ease. Additionally, each and every weapon will possess a distinctive set of skills.

Throne of Elves
Fight the battles wisely

Create your favorite character in the fantasy Elven world of Altera

Furthermore, you can freely create and customize your own character through the system of clothes designed for each class. Thus, choose the style to express your own personality, be different, more prominent compared to others.

Throne of Elves
Make your character stand out

Get yourself a cute little companion and fight the evils

A very noticeable feature in Throne of Elves Mobile is the extremely lovable pet system. As a matter of fact, this is not just a companion alongside the player at any time. The cute companion itself possesses unique skills. Leveling them up will contribute to the overall strength of your character, hence allowing the player to defeat the evil forces more easily. Also, you can join clans and guilds to take part in large-scale PvP raids and battles.

The game is launching on Google Play Store today. Download and enjoy the exquisitely beautiful graphics and action scenes in Throne of Elves!