Grappling hook games have always been extremely enjoyable and so much fun to play. Recently, there has been a release of Hang Line that’s quite worth diving into. However, it's never enough for a true fan of grappling hook games! They will always be wanting for more grappling hooks. Therefore, the game developer Daniel Prokisch aka Bright Hand Studio is introducing a brand new title to satisfy this demand: Grapple Bear.

Grapple Bear
More grappling hook fun is coming to the App Store on Feb 26th.

Grapple Bear is a 2D skill-based platformer with a swing mechanic. As shown in the name itself, you will be playing as bears with grappling hooks, which is actually that simple to draw much interest, right?

Grapple Bear
Grapple Bear is such a beauty with a completely charming look.

In Grapple Bear, You will have to hook and swing around using momentum to keep your balance and attempt to proceed through plenty of hazard-filled levels that are all so adorable with a jaunty tune playing at the back. Also, the game is hand-drawn completely and colored digitally. It is so darn charming that we highly suggest you check out the game's trailer below:

At the moment of development, there are as many as 24 different levels to swing your way through. Once you finish a level, it’s possible to go back to race against your own ghost to achieve a higher score.

In fact, Bright Hand Studio might be no stranger to you all from its previous game release. DamCell: Princess Run (2018) was a really extraordinary dungeon crawler that only costs $2.99 (Rs 210). Grapple Bear might as well become a potential game to worth the wait and win our hearts. Like DamCell, expect a premium release of Grapple Bear without any in-game purchases. Right now, you can head over to the App Store and pre-order it for $1.99 (Rs 140). Otherwise, remember to get Grapple Bear on its arrival on Feb 26th.