Developer tinyBuild has just announced that it is bringing the awesomely grim Graveyard Keeper to the mobile platform. Alongside that announcement, we also got an early glimpse at what the UI is going to look like for this mobile port.

If you don’t know about this game, it’s basically Stardew Valley, but instead of growing plants and tending to animals to make a living, you will be managing a graveyard.

Graveyard Keeper trailer

That said, the game is actually not as grim as it sounds, even though you will be working with a lot of dead bodies. The entire affair has a pretty light-hearted vibe to it, starting right from the quirky story: Your character is run over by a car and wakes up in another world, where a talking skull declares that he’s now the keeper of the local graveyard.

Early on, your graveyard will be in a pretty meager state, so it’s up to you to clean things up and improve its rating. And that involves gathering the bodies, burying them, and managing the gravestones. At the end of the day, though, your goal is to turn the graveyard into a thriving business, so you’ll want to make as much profit as possible – by any means necessary.

Graveyard Keeper Vibe
Despite the grim idea, the actual game has a pretty light-hearted vibe

For example, you can steal the personal belongings of the corpses to trade for money. What’s more, you can even take their organs to grind up and sell to the local butcher. After all, the dead don’t really need all those items and organs, do they?

While not taking care of dead people, you can head out to explore the town, interact with NPCs, and complete a large collection of quests. Again, these can be pretty dark. One might have you collecting ingredients to make a potion that poisons an entire village.

Graveyard Keeper Npc
Head out to town and interact with the locals

Currently, there is no information on the exact release date of Graveyard Keeper mobile, but the game is available for PC on Steam right now. For the latest update, check out the game’s official website.