Stardew Valley is a role-playing game belonging to indie farming simulation category. It was developed by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone and then was published by Chucklefish in 02/2016 for PC only. In 2018, the studio decided to bring the game to IOS at the price of $7.99 (Rs 570).

Stardew Valley Trailer for IOS version

This launch on IOS did receive immensely positive feedback from game reviewers all over the world and it has been continuously upgraded with a lot of control options. This game was even ranked 1st place for “Game of the week”, "Game of the month" charts in many well-known websites, which ensures for its attractive quality and content.

In October 2018, an announcement from ConcernedApe revealed that this hit game would finally be available for Android devices soon yet there was no specified release date given at the time. And now, our consistent waiting will be paid off. The game’s developer made the confirmation of its release date for Android, which is coming on March 14.


Stardew Valley for Android will be available on Google Play Store worldwide

Furthermore, this upcoming port will also get more localized versions in French, Korean, Italian, and Turkish in addition to the existing ones. The function to save transfer from PC to mobiles will be supported as well.

Like the previous version for PC or IOS, Stardew Valley for Android won't support multiplayer feature at launch, yet it will consist of a revamped user interface as well as touch-screen controls and a menu system (possibly customized for Android UI).

In case you are a big fan of Stardew Valley and count down to its release date on Android, let’s make the waiting funnier by joining in the pre-register list for the game on Google Play. Android version is expected to cost $7.99 without including any in-app purchases, which is the same as the iOS version.