Originally released in March 2016 by NANOO Company Inc, Dark Sword was a fast-paced hack-and-slash action/RPG for mobile with captivating silhouette-style graphics that was well-received by the mobile gamer community. Now, over three years later, its sequel Dark Sword 2 has finally arrived on both Android and iOS. Check out its trailer below:

Dark Sword 2 is set in a futuristic world that has been taken over by robots. You’ll control a squad of female cyborg warriors – the last hope of humanity – to fight a battle against overwhelming odds, seeking to turn the table.

While the original Dark Sword only had one protagonist, this sequel gives us four playable characters, each with unique abilities and weapons. The gameplay still follows the 2D side-scrolling formula of the first game, but this time, we’ll have access to 8 abilities right on the screen, which is insane for a mobile ARPG.

Dark Sword 2
You are humanity's last hope in a world ruled by robots

Thankfully, the game does feature an autoplay mechanic to make things more manageable. Controls are pretty standard and intuitive as well, with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen for movements, while abilities are positioned on the right side.

Aside from the main campaign that puts you against armies of challenging enemies and bosses, Dark Sword 2 also features a co-op mode, allowing you to team up with up to 2 other players. This is not something you often see in these types of games, so be sure to give it a try.

Dark Sword 2 Brings Cyborg Fights Onto Mobile Devi
Team up with up to 2 other players

All in all, Dark Sword 2 is a satisfying and entertaining action game that, thanks to the option to enable autoplay, doesn’t always require complete focus from the player. If you are looking for a game with endless action to blow off some steam, head over to Google Play or the App Store to pick up this game right now.