Speaking of battle royale, one cannot ignore the huge influence of Free Fire. It is the most download mobile game on Google Play Store in recent year. Free Fire is also one of the most watched gme on YouTube and it is thanks to the huge Free Fire YouTubers community.

Free Fire Youtubers are people who contributed the most to the Indian Free Fire community as they make videos that share valueable information and entertain other people. Many of them has built up a fanbased with millions of fans who closely follow their channel. Here is the list of the top 5 Indian Free Fire YouTuber.

1. Total Gaming (19.4 million subs)

Total Gaming is the biggest Free Fire YouTube channel that you can find. The channel is owned by Ajjubhai, who also owns the strongest Free Fire team in India, team Total Gaming Esports.


The channel was created in 2018 and it climbed to the top quickly in just 2 years. Apart from Free Fire, the channel also has videos about other games such as PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, GTA 5, Call of Duty Mobile... Most of his videos are in Hindi. He upload videos ery consistently with 2 videos a day, everyday.

2. Desi Gamers (7.83 million subs)

The Desi Gamers YouTuber channel is owned by Amit Sharma and it is currently having .83 million subscribers. He is kwon for his amazing skill in the game and his agressive play sytle. The channel was created in October 2018 unthe name Desi Toons withvarious type of content. Funnily, when he uploaded his first Free Fire video, he acutally even called Free Fire "PUBG Mobile for the poor".

3. Gyan Gaming  (7.19 million subs)

Gyan Gaming is also a very popular name in the India Free Fire community. He started the channel in September 2017 and is currently having 7.19 million subscribers on his channel. He first started out doing Clash of Clan videos and then moved to Free Fire after. He plays Free Fire on both his smart phone and PC.

4. LOKESH GAMER (6.92 million subs)

LOKESH GAMER is a popular Free Fire YouTuber who is knwon for his various Free Fire content such as tips and tricks videos and crate opening, skin review videos. While is he not too good at the game, his video are really fun to watch and creative.

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5. TWO-SIDE GAMERS (6.85 million subs)

TWO-SIDE GAMERS is a Free Fire YouTube channel owned by Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jai, the two players of team TGS. These 2 are brothers so they play game together a lot. When Free Fire was introduced by Garena, the two decided to live streaming the game while still keeping up with their education.

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Apart from Free Fire, they also play many other games as well as making prank videos on their channel. After more than 2 years, they are currently having 6.85 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

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