Just yesterday, Tiger Shroff has announced wonderful news for his fans that he will be playing Call of Duty: Mobile with MortaL and Team SouL this weekend for 5x5 Deathmatches. More important, you will have a chance to play along with them live. The matches will be live-streamed for all the fans to watch and interact with their favorite idol.

It's time to see if Tiger Shroff is as tough as what we have seen in his movies.

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Tiger Shroff and MortaL will be playing Call of Duty: Mobile together live with fans in 5x5 Deathmatch mode

In order to have a chance to join Tiger Shroff and MortaL, all you have to do is send them an email at naman.teams8ul@gmail.com. However, there has been no information about when the match is going to go live or where it will be streamed.

This is your perfect chance to play with your idols

Tiger Shroff's latest movie 'Baaghi' just hit the theater 2 days ago. Despite the threat of the coronavirus, fans were still very eager to see Tiger Shroff in action again and as a result Baaghi 3 Brokes The Day-1 Ticket Sale Records. However, the fans seem to be fairly disappointed with the movie.

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Baaghi 3 got an amazing opening day but will it be able to keep up with all these negative reviews?

Tiger Shroff is still the same in the movie with 6 packs abs, banging muscle, and a perfect body that will beat up any bad guy with style. His action scenes are still good and very entertaining to watch, but when it comes to emotional and comedy scenes, he falls short. The plot of the movie is filled with holes and redundant characters. The villains are bland and not serious enough, except for Abu Jalal played by Jameel Khoury. The CGI is also a weak spot of the movie