The launch of Genshin Impact was highly praised, but Honkai: Star Rail proves to be equally impressive despite not having the same open-world exploration and combat mechanics. Instead, Honkai: Star Rail captivates players with its multitude of hidden quests and engaging turn-based combat, successfully capturing their interest.

During the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 livestream, players can anticipate exciting additions such as new characters and upcoming events. Additionally, there will be available codes for the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 livestream, which players can find here.

Honkai Star Rail Version 1 Point 1 Galactic Roamin
Honkai: Star Rail 1.1

Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 Livestream Codes

Here are all the codes available in Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 livestream:

  • CS75WMP976AK
  • DB7A64BW8LC7
  • 8A6T6LBFQ4D3

Make sure to act promptly and not delay the redemption of the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 livestream codes as they will only be accessible until May 28, 00:00 (UTC-4). Failure to redeem the codes in a timely manner may result in players missing out on the opportunity to acquire the complimentary Stellar Jades. There are two ways to redeem the Honkai: Star Rail livestream code: by visiting or by opening the game and selecting the Redemption Code option found in the Trailblazer's profile button.

What To Expect In Honkai: Star Rail 1.1

Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 marks the initial update for the game, generating excitement among players who choose to remain engaged in this turn-based RPG. Players are enticed by the introduction of new characters, such as Luocha, who fulfills the role of a healer in Honkai: Star Rail. Another intriguing addition is Silver Wolf, a Stellaron Hunter recognized for her exceptional debuffing capabilities during one of the Closed Beta tests. Additionally, Yukong, a previously unseen 4-star unit, makes their debut appearance in this update, surprising players who participated in the Closed Beta tests.

Honkai Star Rail 1 1 1
Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 characters

Silver Wolf, classified as a Quantum character, demonstrates her kit's functionality in the tutorial, where players utilize her and Kafka at the beginning of the game. With her Ultimate, Silver Wolf can apply debuffs, while her Skill enables her to bestow an elemental weakness upon enemies. This ability proves incredibly valuable, as players can now freely choose their preferred character without concerns about lacking Toughness-depleting abilities.

Luocha employs the power of Imaginary in combat and functions as a healer. In the Closed Beta test, he showcased healing capabilities tied to his ATK stat, exhibiting remarkable restorative skills throughout his abilities. Luocha's Skill allows him to heal, while his Ultimate inflicts damage and increases his Stack. Once two stacks are obtained, Luocha grants himself a two-turn buff that enables teammates to heal when they attack. Similar to Silver Wolf, players have the opportunity to experiment with Luocha when they first encounter Sushang in the Xianzhou Luofu region.

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 banners: Blade, Kafka, and Luka

The most recent teaser posts in Honkai Star Rail's drip marketing campaign have unveiled three characters, with the latest addition being Luka, an upcoming playable character. Luka is a member of the Wildfire faction in Javrilo-VI and possesses a mechanical arm. The official introduction of Luka confirms that he will be a 4-star character specializing in Physical damage, while leaks suggest that he will also belong to the Nihility Path unit.

Most players are already familiar with Kafka and her abilities as they had the opportunity to try her out as a trial unit. Her official introduction solidifies her status as a highly coveted 5-star character belonging to the Nihility faction and wielding the power of the Lightning element. Given the significant amount of exposure Kafka has received thus far, she has become a sought-after character among players, who are actively saving Stellar Jade for her upcoming event.

Blade, another 5-star character who was unveiled through drip marketing, was previously featured in the Closed Beta Testing phase. Blade is designated as a Wind Destruction character and possesses a distinctive self-healing ability, which sets him apart from other characters.

The purpose of drip marketing posts is to provide confirmation from the developers about upcoming characters for future patches. Consequently, players can anticipate encountering these three characters in the Star Rail 1.2 banners.

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