Firefly and Jade are two upcoming 5-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail 3.2 with amazing kits. Though patch 2.2 is still on the way, Firefly and Jade's kits have been leaked, grabbing fans' attention, especially after Firefly's impressive appearance in patches 2.0 and 2.1.

I. Jade's Leaked Kit

Jade is the upcoming 5-star Quantum Erudition character. Her normal attack deals Quantum DMG to an enemy and some surrounding targets. She is a senior manager at the Strategist Investment Department in the Interastral Peace Corporation. Jade is also a highly anticipated character after her appearance as an NPC in previous versions. Besides, she will come out with a gold kit.

Jade has an impressive kit.

#1. Skill

Here are the main points about Jade's skill:

  • Assign an ally as the Debt Collector and give them +30 SPD three times.
  • When the Debt Collector attacks, their attack will deal additional Quantum DMG based on Jade's ATK status on all hit enemies, which costs 5% HP of the Debt Collector. If their HP is too low, their HP will decline to 1.
  • If Jade is appointed as the Debt Collector, she won't get SPD buff, but her HP won't be eroded as well.
  • When the Debt Collector takes over the battlefield, you cannot use Jade's skill.

#2. Ultimate

Jade has powerful ultimate skills that dealing tons of DMG if you know how to optimize them.

  • Deal Quantum to all enemies based on Jade's ATK status.
  • Buff two following attacks. It takes effect twice.

#3. Talents

  • When Jade or the assigned Debt Collector attacks, Jade gets one Charge from each hit enemy.
  • After she stacks and uses eight Charges and unleashes a follow-up attack, it will deal Quantum DMG to every enemy.
  • Jade does not get Charged for that attack, but she will immediately get five Pawned Asset stacks. Each Pawned Asset stack buffs her Crit ATK by 3%.
Jade Honkai Star Rail
Jade is a Quantum Erudition DPS.

#4. Technique

Check out Jade's technique kit to clear enemies.

  • The enemies in the AoE of Jade's technique will suffer from the Blind Fealty effect in 10 seconds. Then, they won't attack your characters actively.
  • When attacking an enemy inflicted with the Blind Fealty effect, all inflicted enemies will be forced to enter the battle. The ambushed targets will take Quantum DMG when the next battle starts. Jade will receive 15 Pawned Asset stacks.

Jade has a strong kit for attacking. Firefly's kit is also attractive and ideal for combat. Check out recently leaked details about her kit in the following part to know why both Firefly and Jade are worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail's next update.

II. Firefly's Leaked Kit

Firefly is a 5-Star Fire Destruction character. So, her normal attack will deal Fire DMG to one enemy. Her charged attack can heal 20% of her Max HP and deal Fire DMG to a target. Check other skills of Firefly below.

Firefly is worth pulling with an impressive Fire kit.

#1. Skill

Here are the latest leaks about Firefly's skills in combat.

  • She consumes 50% HP to recover 50% of the Max Energy. It also deals Fire DMG to an enemy. If her HP is lower than 50%, her HP bar will be reduced to 1.
  • Recover 35% of the Max HP. Mark the enemy with a Fire Weakness in two turns.

#2. Ultimate

Check out the ultimate kit of Firefly here:

  • Consume 240 Energy to enter the Complete Combustion Phase when her speed is boosted. But she cannot use her Ultimate attack in this phase.
  • In this phase, her action is advanced by 100%. Besides, her normal attacks and skills are buffed.
  • The damage from her normal attacks and skills to the enemy with broken Weakness will be boosted, and the weakness-breaking efficiency is increased by 50% until the attack finishes.
  • You can observe the countdown of the Complete Combustion Phase on the Action Bar in the top left corner of the screen.

#3. Talents

Reduce the damage taken by a max of 50% when HP falls below 20%. During the Completed Combustion Phase, Firefly receives an additional Effect Resistance.

Firefly Honkai Star Rail
Firefly has powerful Fire attacks.

#4. Technique

Let's learn about her technique and get well-prepared to use this character beautifully in Honkai 3.2.

  • Firefly leaps into the air and hovers freely in 5 seconds. End this phase by unleashing a normal attack.
  • When the hovering time ends, she plunges to attack enemies.
  • She marks all enemies of the new waves with Fire Weakness which is active in two turns. Then, she deals Fire DMG to all marked enemies based on her ATK status.

Those are all about the leaked kits of Firefly And Jade. Though we haven't got patch 2.2, these two upcoming 5-star characters are still grabbing great attention from players. The miHoYo dev team is still developing and testing their kits to bring you the best characters.

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