The combat mechanics in Honkai: Star Rail place a great emphasis on utilizing Support characters to provide the team with helpful abilities, but ultimately it is the DPS units that are responsible for achieving victory. In the absence of a DPS character, players may find themselves struggling to defeat challenging foes and may take a considerable amount of time to complete battles.

Fortunately, Honkai: Star Rail has a diverse selection of characters, each of whom possess unique abilities and skills that make them effective DPS units. If you are interested in building your next DPS character, here are some of the best options available in the game.

Honkai Star Rail Best Dps Characters Ranked
Honkai Star Rail Best Dps Characters Ranked

10. Physical Trailblazer

The Destruction class in Honkai: Star Rail is recognized for its impressive ability to withstand damage as well as deal significant harm, with the Physical Trailblazer serving as a prime illustration. This character boasts a potent set of skills that are capable of inflicting substantial damage to both single targets and groups. Additionally, the Destruction MC can be counted on to effectively penetrate an enemy's Toughness when it is weak to physical attacks.

Trailblazers In Honkai Star Rail
Physical Trailblazer

What sets the Destruction Trailblazer apart as a dependable unit is its stats, which are on par with those of a 5-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, along with the fact that players have the opportunity to unlock all of its Eidolons and fully maximize its abilities.

9. Sushang

Sushang is a formidable physical attacker in Honkai: Star Rail who excels in hunting down enemies. Her kit stands out from the other characters due to her unique ability to rapidly break through an enemy's Toughness, as she can perform three consecutive turns. This sequence of attacks enables Sushang to relentlessly assault bosses, leaving them barely able to stand. However, some of her abilities depend on random chance, making it difficult for players to fully utilize her potential if they are unlucky.

Sushang In Honkai Star Rail

8. Himeko

Himeko is an accomplished Erudition character in Honkai: Star Rail, known for her exceptional ability to follow up attacks. Her Talent skill allows players to deal continuous Fire damage to all enemies and exploit Weakness Breaks inflicted on them. Additionally, her Ultimate ability is one of the most potent area-of-effect attacks in the game, thanks to her high damage scaling and Base ATK.

Himeko In Honkai Star Rail

Despite her impressive skills, Himeko may not be the best choice when it comes to dealing with single targets, making her less effective against tough bosses. Nonetheless, her immense damage potential makes her a force to be reckoned with in most other combat situations.

7. Hook

Honkai: Star Rail features a powerful fire-based character named Hook, who excels at dealing high amounts of damage to individual targets. What sets Hook apart is her unique ability to apply a Damage over Time (DoT) effect with every skill hit, further enhancing her damage output through the passive Talent.

Hook In Honkai Star Rail

Moreover, being a Destruction unit, Hook is capable of dealing substantial area-of-effect damage and can even apply DoT to all enemies hit by her fourth Eidolon's passive. In summary, Hook is an extremely dependable character who can effectively deal damage and apply DoT effects to her enemies.

6. Serval

Serval is a 4-star character in Honkai: Star Rail that boasts an impressive Base ATK, making her an excellent option for players looking to build a character that can deal substantial area-of-effect damage in battles. Additionally, Serval is capable of inflicting Shock on enemies, causing continuous damage to them while simultaneously increasing the damage she deals to them.

Serval In Honkai Star Rail

Serval's versatility in combat arises from her ability to play various roles, including being a hard-hitting area-of-effect or damage-over-time unit. In terms of damage-per-second, Serval is one of the top 4-star options in Honkai: Star Rail, making her an excellent choice for players seeking a reliable and powerful character.

5. Welt

Welt is a versatile character in Honkai: Star Rail who excels at dealing damage, providing sub-DPS, and offering support. His Skill is a bounce type that can deal multiple hits to a single enemy, making it highly effective against bosses and enemies with high Toughness. Additionally, his Skill has a chance to slow the target. Meanwhile, Welt's Ultimate delivers area-of-effect damage to all enemies while simultaneously imprisoning them. Imprisoning an enemy reduces their SPD by 10% and delays their action by 32% at Ultimate level 1.

Welt In Honkai Star Rail

Welt's primary characteristic, as an Imaginary character, is his ability to reduce SPD and inflict the Imprisoned debuff on enemies. If Welt attacks a slowed enemy, he will deal additional Imaginary damage. Furthermore, Welt's Technique also has the potential to imprison and slow enemies, delaying their actions by 20%. Overall, Welt is a valuable damage dealer with excellent support capabilities, although he is not as specialized in dealing damage as Seele or Dan Heng.

4. Yanqing

Yanqing stands out as an exceptional DPS character in Honkai: Star Rail due to his remarkable ability to significantly boost his CRIT Rate and DMG. This is widely considered to be one of the game's most valuable features. Players can further enhance Yanqing's damage output by adding more CRIT DMG and ATK% since his CRIT Rate buff is already sufficient to ensure a high chance of CRIT on every hit.

Yanqing In Honkai Star Rail

In addition, Yanqing's Hunt classification grants him excellent speed, enabling him to quickly take down bosses. As a result, he is regarded as one of the top five DPS units in Honkai: Star Rail.

3. Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is not currently available in Honkai: Star Rail, but he's anticipated to be a highly effective damage dealer. While Erudition characters tend to struggle in situations where they face a single enemy, Jing Yuan can still perform well if players carefully monitor his stacks. Additionally, Jing Yuan's Lightning Lord ability can hit enemies multiple times, making him an excellent choice for triggering Weakness Break and causing extra damage while also inflicting the Shock debuff and delaying the enemy's turn.

Jing Yuan In Honkai Star Rail
Jing Yuan

2. Clara

Svarog's duty is not limited to attacking enemies that harm Clara; it will also apply the Mark of Counter to them. Later, when players use Clara's Skill, Svarog will double the damage to these enemies, severely punishing them for attacking Clara. Clara is a powerful Destruction Path character who can provide excellent defense for her team while dealing high damage, making her one of the most potent units in Honkai: Star Rail.

Clara In Honkai Star Rail

1. Seele

Seele is a Honkai: Star Rail character who excels at taking down single targets in one hit. Her special ability allows her to take another turn after defeating an enemy, which, combined with the increased damage from her buffed state, makes her a formidable unit. Seele's versatility and power make her a top-tier DPS character in Honkai: Star Rail.

Seele In Honkai Star Rail

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