When beginning a new journey in Honkai Star Rail, it may seem overwhelming at first. Although the game shares similarities in appearance and feel with Genshin Impact, the gameplay differs greatly. Instead of Genshin's real time combat, Star Rail's 4-character-team takes a turn based approach to fight against enemies. In order to win, players need to understand each character's kit and the strength and weaknesses of enemies.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a walkthrough for Honkai Star Rail so that you can defeat the hardest bosses.

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Honkai Star Rail Walkthrough

1. Tips and Tricks for Star Rail's combat

Turn-based combat in Honkai Star Rail is fairly straightforward. There are 3 actions a character can do in combat: basic attack, skill, and ultimate. When you use a basic attack, you get one skill point that you can spend on skill moves. Ultimate attacks, on the other hand, have their own "energy" meters that must be filled before they may be used.

Although ultimate attacks are the most powerful, each character in the game has different roles and their skill moves may differ. For instance, March 7th uses a skill move that provides shields but her basic attack deals direct damage. To use your resources effectively, it is crucial to understand when to use each move.

In addition to knowing which moves to use, understanding the enemy type is also vital. Each attack in Honkai Star Rail has an elemental aspect, and each enemy has specific weaknesses. To maximize damage, it's best to use attacks that target an enemy's weaknesses.

To effectively manage the seven weaknesses in Honkai Star Rail, consider these tips:

  1. It's recommended to level up at least one character from each element, with priority given to ice, fire, and wind types as they are commonly encountered weaknesses.
  2. Always scout the enemy squad composition before engaging in battle, and choose your squad accordingly for end-game content like world simulation.
  3. Players would need both single target DPS and AOE DPS in the team. Bosses in this game tend to summon more minions, which requires clearing out in order to beat.
  4. Level up your characters whenever possible, and focus on the light cones that you attach to them. This is also crucial in Honkai Star Rail.

Following the aforementioned steps will boost your chances of winning the majority of battles in the game. However, there may still be cases of bad RNG, in which case you should retreat and retry the battle.

2. How to defeat Bronya in Honkai Star Rail

Bronya is one of the adversaries players will encounter in this game. She is the commander of the Silvermane Guards and the heir to Cocolia, Belobog's Supreme Guardian. The fight against Bronya and her forces will occur during the Jarilo-VI campaign, and players will be ambushed by her midway through it.

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Bronya in Honkai Star Rail

By following these tips, players can defeat her easily:

  1. The fight takes place in two phases, with the first phase being against three Silvermane Soldiers. Quickly take them down by exploiting their Weakness breaks and using AoE attacks.
  2. The soldiers can apply Bleed to your units, causing HP loss over time. Deal with them quickly if they apply Bleed.
  3. After defeating the first wave, a cutscene triggers, and Bronya appears with two additional soldiers. Deal with the soldiers first before focusing on Bronya.
  4. Finish off the soldiers and then attack Bronya, who can summon reinforcements when her soldiers are down.
  5. Bronya has no weaknesses, so use a pure-DPS approach, and use the protagonist's ultimate ability to make her vulnerable to Fire and Physical attacks.
  6. Bring March 7th to cast a defensive shield and use her ultimate ability to freeze Bronya and her minions.
  7. The strategy is to break Bronya's bar and spam powerful attacks to chip off her HP. However, Bronya can deal consecutive damage after a single attack, so be aware of this.
  8. Bronya can recover her Break bar and lose her Weakness immunity. Follow the same strategy as before to weaken her.

The battle concludes when Bronya's HP drops to 1%, after which a cutscene plays.

3. How to defeat Kafka in Honkai Star Rail

The boss fight against Kafka in Honkai Star Rail is considered one of the toughest challenges in the game, requiring players to utilize all their skills and knowledge. It's crucial to be attentive to Kafka's attack patterns and utilize weapons and abilities effectively to gain an advantage in the battle. This guide offers helpful tips and strategies to help players succeed against Kafka.

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Kafka in Honkai Star Rail
  • It's crucial to evade Kafka's attacks, particularly her Lightning Bolts and Energy Blasts. In Honkai Star Rail, the Kafka boss fight is a Quick Time Event (QTE), a thrilling combat feature. These events are timed, and you must press the buttons rapidly to complete them.
  • In addition, Kafka will teleport and summon minions to assist her, making the fight even more difficult. To be successful, you must use your tools and skills effectively to deal damage and avoid her attacks.
  • To win this boss fight, you must become skilled at dodging in Honkai Star Rail. It's important to memorize Kafka's primary attacks and their effects quickly, and then adjust your items and abilities to defeat her.

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