PUBG Mobile has introduced a limited event titled Spark The Flame today. Here are the things you need to know about this event. Check it out with

PUBG Mobile Spark The Flame: Take A Rest Event

The limited event Spark The Flame: Take A Rest in PUBG Mobile has begun today. It's time for you to collect tokens and redeem for gifts. This event lasts from August 3rd to 10th, 2020. It means you have over a week to collect the Helmet tokens by completing daily missions.

Spark The Flame
Spark The Flame Event

PUBG Mobile players have to play in Classic mode to complete five missions and collect a total of 7 tokens per day. The daily missions include:

  • Complete one match (Classic match only): 1 Helmet token.
  • Complete three matches (Classic matches only): 1 Helmet token.
  • Recover 50 Health (in all matches): 1 Helmet token.
  • Deal 500 damage (in all matches): 2 Helmet tokens.
  • Survive 45 minutes (in all matches): 2 Helmet tokens.
Time Cop Suit
Time Cop Suit

After completing these easy missions, you can get 7 Wooden Helmet tokens in total. Then, you can redeem those tokens to get rewards in the Spark The Flame: Redeem Reward section in the event center. There are many gifts you can get for free, including BP, Supply crate coupon scraps, Classic crate coupon scraps, Season 14 RP mission card, silver fragments, and a Time Cop Suit.

PUBG Mobile Season of Color - Blue

Another sub-event in the Spark The Flame starting today is Season of Color: Blue. It will be live between August 3rd and 10th, 2020. So, you can do both the mission sets of these two events at once and collect Moth Orchid tokens when playing Classic matches.

Season Of Color
Season Of Color

The daily missions include:

  • Complete a match when in a group with your friends: 1 token.
  • Complete three matches when in a group with your friends: 2 tokens.
  • Travel a total of 5.000 meters: 1 token.
  • Travel a total of 8.000 meters: 2 tokens.
Cool Camel
Cool Camel Headgear

Then, you can redeem rewards in the Season of Color Redeem Reward section. The rewards include a Classic Crate Coupon, a Supply Crate Coupon, Red Tea, Supply crate coupon scraps, and a Cool Camel Headgear.