Gun skins play a crucial role in Free Fire - they provide various extra stats so that your weapon would perform better. There are multiple rarity tiers of skins, with legendary provides the most bonuses. This is why the newer guns like the ParaFAL, Woodpecker or M82B are at a disadvantage comparing to older guns due to their lack of skins... and now, with the Christmas update, the AUG has gotten its first skin "Winterlands 2020".

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In this article, we are going to list everything you need to know about this skin.

1 - How to obtain the AUG Winterlands 2020

In the newly introduced Faded Wheel event, the Frost-Draco Commander and the AUG Winterlands are the main prizes. If you are maining this weapon, it is beset to participate in Faded Wheel now - the event lasts for only one week, till December 28.

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Besides the aforementioned top prizes, there are 10 other items in the Faded Wheel... and before the first spin, you can remove 2 of them from the list. This is why Faded Wheel is one of the best spins in the game - you would be able to modify the prizes at will.

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The diamond cost for consecutive spins increases after each time you use the wheel: 19, 19, 19, 39, 69, 99, 199, 599. Users are guaranteed to get the Grand Prizes for 1062 diamonds or less... as they cannot get the same item a second time in Faded Wheel. The first spin is Free - if you are lucky, you might even get this skin for literally no cost.


2 - Details about the AUG Winterlands 2020 skin

It is an excellent skin for the AUG, with bonuses on ammo and fire rate, the two stats this gun needs the most. The demerit in reloads time does not matter that much, as the AUG Winterlands have a high magazine size.

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